Inside beautiful Tasmania home (9 photos)

  • Here's Johnny

    #2 Pretty Dope

  • Erick

    Motivation for sure!

  • Mike


    • pupy

      In your dreams

  • Cody

    #7 perfect

    • Brody

      Way to fuck up your kid. I bet the owners are a couple of queers who adopted a kid from Russia.

      • Brody Rules!


        POST OF THE YEAR!!!!!!

    • nice

      nice photoshop chive

      • Buffalo Just Sayin

        Caught that too

  • o'lpainless

    my toot is uncrontrobl bleeding love leona where art tho…

  • SpacemanSpiff

    that's a lie, houses in Tasmania are all messy and chaotic…i've seen the cartoon

  • rikooprate

    My apartment reminds me of the toilet a little bit. The toilet is still much nicer…

  • TheAndy

    7 . . . shopped

    • Canada

      Uh, no shit?

  • Jimmy Clinton

    The house is fly. No doubt about it. My question is…..why are ya'll messing with billboards and homes…'s hump day bitches! Hump, then home, then billboard, then DAR, then turn the lights out and go grab and cold beer. Get it together, fellas.

  • spoon chest

    Looks like the inside to every upscale modern American home. Nothing special

  • Dorkfish

    Where's the hot she-devil with the pig pink lips?


    #7 – I see what you did there.

  • Lev

    Their inhabitants frequently spin around wildly too, showing little regard for their surroundings.

    • MattKL

      And they eat everything in sight.

      • AmBush Steve

        Especially wabbits

        • Underbaker

          Duck Season!

  • ezhammer

    #3 Never understood living rooms with no tv's

    • SimonPhoenix

      It's like … WTF am I going to do in this big ass room, with no TV?

    • lonin

      I wouldn't be surprised if the wall above the fire place didn't open up to a massive one though.

  • Chive or die

    Give me hump day and hump day damnit!

  • MattKL

    #1 OK we're going to take some trees, put them in here. Take some lights put them out there.

  • Humpin

    We all need something to HUMP!!
    Hump Day, Hump Day gotta hump down on Hump Day!!
    Humpin in the back seat. Humpin in the front seat. Which hump do I take? It'sHump Day, Hump Day gotta hump down on Hump Day!!

  • LLD

    yeah, really…. So What? is this suddenly HGTV???

  • Fawx

    This is all lies. It is common knowledge in Australia that everyone from Tasmania are mutant inbreeds, kinda like the sewer people in Futurama.

  • hMMMM

    #7 – anyone else feel like this photo was just added to this set? That's totally Mac's room….

    • holler-back

      try a pathetic photoshop

  • akabobo

    I'm probably alone, but I've never understood the allure of most of these high end minimalist houses. I guess they're nice if you live alone, but they look so sterile and cold. I want a house that feels warm and welcoming. One where my Chivette feels comfortable wearing minimal clothes not all bundled up because she has to walk on concrete everywhere she goes.

    • crackerjack

      Don't be fooled. They aren't sterile. They only are for the photo shoot. Have you ever seen a house this sterile in real life? 🙂 Go in any other day and I bet the toilet isn't flushed. Towels are laying around. Laundry isn't done. Bed is messed up. Tree's are dying cause they haven't been watered etc etc.

    • Skies46

      It's called radiant flooring. A very effient form or heating a space from the floor up (heat rises). Those floors will be warmer to the touch then the dirty carpet in your apartment.

      • Adam_R

        ^ this. Its quite efficient to. A bit expensive to put in, but worth it in the long run if you're building you're house from scratch.

  • CantShit,TooAffraid

    #5 Creepy bathroom..

  • matador

    #7 the value of the house plummeted

  • etcrr

    So where's the Tasmanian Devil, Nice place btw I would live there if I could afford it

    • RockMuppet

      They're too busy dying off from terminal facial tumours 😥

  • crackerjack

    Now let me see what it looks like after it has been used for a month.

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