• logan

    this is my brother's bearded dragon

    • thebluebull

      How come I have a hard time believing this?

  • child.molester

    video nor available… WTF???

  • Huell

    Testicles. That is all.

  • Pepermunt9


  • nayala

    100 ants later…."why am i still so hungry??" lol cute lizzard!

  • http://www.davintosh.com/ Dave

    Talk about negative reinforcement… "Dude; I KNOW I got that one. How come I'm still hungry?" I predict Mr. Lizard won't be playing long.

    And lizard spit on my screen? Nevah!

  • Dylan

    Your argument is invalid.

    That lizard is pretty BA but has to be pissed its not getting the ants!

  • ikenzlove

    Better than i am at it 😛 new Low to my day.

  • Mike mo

    I was surfing on here and then saw you posted it on my f e book- so sick

  • Chicken

    0:23 – Wtf dude?
    0:30 – Seriously, dude, whats going on?
    0:36 – Are you doing this?!
    0:45 – Ashley put you up to this didn't she… what a bitch…

  • Rick

    just blew my fckin mind!

  • Fapmaster

    that green dude has skillz

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