• Samson

    Not cool

  • rambo

    stop it. i can jerk off in the back when live christmas music is being played

  • racist

    so racist chive

  • Da Sandman

    can someone translate what he said…? i understood bits and parts of it

  • Jmc73

    I’d say someone forgot to wake and bake this morning…

  • Mattymoe

    Did someone mention racism?? Wtf?? Lets hope that you’re just commenting on the wrong post…..

  • Jmc73

    Roughly translated: “I’m a spoiled, pretentious college student, only my opinion matters, not yours f’n a-holes, I’m now going to throw a fit like a two year old to make my argument valid, get the f out!” Again, roughly translated.

  • Matt

    This is my college. The band ARE fucking assholes. They play in the library and computer labs during finals when people are trying to study.

  • Thims

    It's great how they just keep on playing.

  • armyguy83

    lol… u mad bro?

  • tizsm

    way to get into the christmas spirit

  • aav

    Find that girl in red, please.

  • @Gingergreek

    Sounded like Seth Rogen when he burnt his nuts in Zack and Miri

  • Maytrix

    I guess you had to be there?

  • Bob

    He makes a good arguement, but I hate college students, so FUCK THIS GUY!!

    • godfath

      so you hate one instead of all the other college students in the room he was hating on? college might've been able to help out your logic

  • JohnnyB

    His mom….. Santa got that

  • Anonymous

    This guys game of WoW must have been inturupted by the music, Id snap too if my level 60 warrior got killed cause of christmas carols

  • The Captain

    Obviously none of you remember or know what it’s like to be stressed to the max and working under a deadline during finals. Granted I wouldn’t explode like this guy. But I would be pissed that the band came in and started doing this in the library or computer lab when I’m trying to study or get a paper done that’s due in a few hours.

  • MaverickAg

    You can't tell me that is the ONLY computer lab on that campus or, if in a campus library, that is the ONLY floor of the building. If that school is anything like my alma mater, we had at least 6 different computer labs and our central library had a floor designated for quiet studying. Suck it up buttercup or take it back to your dorm/apartment/home, or off campus to a public library.

    Merry Christmas and Chive On!

    • Stick

      And on top of that, it's so fucking common for students to have laptops nowadays. He can fuck off somewhere else.

  • realemily

    Transcript: %!$%#(|{]]|}{&*_(&%^&@$_

  • The Captain

    Yes I can! At my college we had one computer lab and during finals if you find an open terminal you are lucky. The band can go play in the student center! So cool out Pookie!;)

  • Pants

    Merry Christmas assholes.

  • adventxero

    Can some one tell me what he said? I can tell he was pissed but he made absolutely no sense

  • The Captain

    Well the first thing he said was get out. After that was all a bit difficult

  • TITO993

    Its people like that that end up bringing guns to school and shooting everybody. So stupid.

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