The finest hats insanity can buy (30 Photos)

  • Jeff

    I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

  • Rick James

    Post so nice the chive did it twice

  • Chiv3On

    Looks like an interesting event. Thanks Chive for letting me know where to find a sugar mamma!

  • Anonymous

    This is some lady gaga bullshit!!!!!

  • AllanA

    I would hate to be sitting right behind them during the race

  • kazyctn

    redundant gallery is redundant.

  • MuskyHusk

    #9 just had the Grinch jizz on her head

  • nipnipwiener

    None of these people look someone i would want to sit down and have a drink with… I gave that crazy bitch a hat, crazy bitches love hats

  • No one posted this?

    I'll get that bitch a hat.

  • Anonymous

    fuk women are stoopid

  • Anonymous

    As long as it doesn’t impede my sperm from being shot in their mouths, I’m fine with it.

  • MattKL

    #12 "You're not wearing a hat? How humiliating!"

    #14 #15 Now all we need are some ladies with chocolate hats and graham cracker hats, and we're all set.

  • j22

    #16 find

  • b money

    Fuck these hats.

  • CalAb13

    Well at least I got here late enough that I didnt have to see them twice…

  • upy3rz

    What good is a hat if you have to walk around holding it to your fucking head???

  • Bry10

    Not hats just stupid shit stuck on their heads!

  • JshWGrdn

    #11 My hat is a bird. Your argument is invalid.

  • SDC

    Chive, you blew it on this one…looks to me as though this should have been posted on the Berry…for the girls.

  • 0412

    Lady Gaga loves all of them

  • ty

    this post makes me extremely furious. I hate crazy bitches with too much money to spend.

  • OuterBanksbro

    they all look like mail order brides. especially #6

  • force king

    #10 Love the duck pond
    #20 She won the prize for best hat, Look it up

  • skuz

    #24 now you see if only one of them had worn the hat it'd look ridiculous but because they have a group doing it it doesn't look dumb….haha yeah right

  • DumpsterJoose


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