• Andre

    When good times go bad, volume #2

  • Jaimie


    • coPhil

      Then WTF did you click on it?

  • Metta World Peace


  • king_Leonidas26

    Berry material. Is this the berry or the chive?

  • Anonymous

    Puppy 1
    Baby 0
    Round two……

  • MJ81

    Did the yorkie win?

  • DC22

    too cute!


    Down goes Frazier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Edge

    Friends for Life!

  • Danny Panankas

    Tap out already kid. You got nothing left!!!

  • Anonymous

    Alec, you post some of the most silliest vids ever posted on theCHIVE

  • WTF

    Dog wins

  • Anonymous

    Looks just like my Yorkie puppy. Cutest dogs ever.

  • Underbaker

    Come on kid, I know you have it in you, reach down low and hit him with the poopie diaper attack.

  • Raaaaandy

    kid probably is witnessing the scariest moment of his life haha, little yorkie would seem like a rottweiler to him

  • Jimmy

    Ya, real funny – some people just don’t think. Puppies have razor sharp teeth. The fun stopped for the kid when the dog went for his ear. Then he falls over and the dog goes for his face! Ooh ya, real cute.

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