• Yoyoma

    It’s not nice to laugh at the mentally challenged…but I did.

  • gus

    Shoulda pushed her out farther and made her try to get back to shore

  • Jaymack

    I thought blondes were usually good with balls! BAZINGA!

  • Mike Hunt

    fuk yah, first!!

  • No.16


  • Piotr

    i get knocked down…
    but i get up again…
    you're never gonna keep me down!!!!

    • Adam

      Thanks douche! Stuck in my head all day now! lol

  • Skelly

    This answers a question I've always wondered. Hamsters are smarter than blondes.

  • TheLittleBear

    Ashamed to be of the same species, and gender..

  • Bob

    That’s a weird looking kitchen…

  • Cal1

    That looks fun

  • MonkeyMadness

    I'd like to watch that if she were naked. Two in there would be better. 😉

  • Daguerilla

    I’d like to decorate my Christmas tree with a bunch of those.

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