Early Randomness: Coming home from Iraq (74 HQ Photos)

The U.S. is officially coming home from Iraq. No one will reflect on our time in Iraq more than those deployed. There will be many numbers thrown around the media. Numbers of lost troops and financial costs…with the usual half-hearted “but thank you to the soldiers”.
If you’d like, give audio a play. It’s a speech from a movie about football but if you substitute “freedom” for “football”, well, I don’t know…for those who served in Iraq, hold your head high. It’s on American citizens to stop pointing and start looking ourselves in the mirror. As for Iraq, they will have to make their own bed now. The U.S. and our allies provided them with the blanket…a shot at democracy.

  • etcrr

    The war is over, Congratulations to the men and women of the armed forces who give gave their all for the country they love. We love you and are proud of you. Please come home safe and your heads held high. God Bless you, Thank you for your sacrifice and service

  • Franklin1138

    Thank you, Rick. This is an incredible post. It's perfect. You continue to wear that patriotism on your sleeve, goddammit. Too many people are being told that it's shameful to do so, or that we have something to apologize for, and while America may not be the perfect lady, I love her dearly, and I'm glad to see you do too.

    Chive on, brother.

    • Rick

      thanks man

    • northerner

      Add my "Amen" to that…and a crisp salute to all who have served and are serving…

  • EasternCanuck

    Welcome home boys… much deserved.

  • RedRaider

    #27 is Afghanistan not Iraq, you can tell because Arabs dress different than Pashtuns. Just look at their hats.

  • Marine Dad

    I didn't listen to the music, since my son was there I have a difficult time with posts like this. You guys have always done a good job with the posts. Lets all try to thank as many of the returning military as we can. My son lost some friends there and way to many of our sons and daughters didn't come home. God blessthem, their families and every one returning home. Fight the good fight Rick!

    • Rick

      thank you

  • White15

    To every soldier, sailor, air man and woman.

    Thank you for your service and sacrifice. Get home soon.

  • Active_hunter

    Where is the audio from?

    • Rick

      Al Pacino in "Any Given Sunday". ok movie, I've always played this monologue when things are a bit down

  • Active_hunter

    To those who are home, welcome back. We missed you.
    To those still out there beyond our shores, we still miss you. Have a Safe, Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year. We'll light a candle and set out an extra setting to remember you.

  • Toro

    Vets: don't let anyone tell you that you didn't make a difference. You preserved existing freedom, and gave new freedom to people who have never had it. You have given a nation a chance to grow. Above all that you gave of yourselves more than anyone would ever want to be asked to give. Thank you for serving our country and furthering the rights of mankind as a whole. You DID make a difference, and your own photos prove it. #43 #44 #60 #71 Thank you for serving and may your service be as much of a blessing to you as you are to the world.

  • Polonuts

    Awesome post! Best pics were the ones that showed the "hearts and minds" side of the war. The non combat things that our troops have done are sadly never reported by the media. I guess happy news doesn't make ratings anymore.

    Job well done, Soldiers.
    Welcome home.

  • Spencer_on_Fire

    It's hard to make a reply this this. I say that because there are no words that accurately describe the scenes of soldiers coming home. You are reminded of the sacrifices and the triumphs these men and women at arms, these soldiers that gave anything and everything they could to protect us. Now they come home, to rest and prepare, because a soldiers job is never done. I just pray for their safe travels and hope they come back to a more grateful country than when they last left

    I couldn't agree more with #72. It's on my sleeves, on my chest, on my head every day I go out. I thank those I can and do what I can to spread it to those I cannot.

    These are our brothers, our sisters. Our husbands and our wives. Our sons, daughters, cousins, nephews and nieces. These are children of one of the greatest countries in the world.

    Welcome home

    • Wally

      Might not be the best reply for ALL the pics, but I say: Hopeful; Hopefully. God Bless America.

  • BloodScrubber

    Ladies and Gentleman of our Armed Forces. Welcome home. I want to personally, albeit in a small way, thank you for all you have done and continue to do. I am proud to be an American and I am so grateful for the sacrifice you all have made for myself, my family and all whom you have defended and watched over, protected and assisted.
    Job well done.

  • OIF Vet

    The best post in this sites history. Thank you for honoring my fallen brothers and sisters.

  • Guest

    Afghanistan is not over yet. The war is not over yet. I am a Iraq and Afghanistan veteran. Don't let the media call it done and change the channel on us. We are still fighting.

    • SheriffPablo

      Absolutely. I was in Iraq right at the beginning. We rolled into Baghdad right after it was liberated. What i considered My part of the war is over. But For us veterans, I think it's safe to say that our Brothers and Sisters in Afghanistan will NOT be forgotten this Christmas. Every Grunt who eats christmas dinner out of a T-Ration can or an MRE will be in my thoughts and prayers even more this time of the year like they always are.

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  • Mike

    Rick, I have been following the chive since its started and this is my first comment ever.
    This is by FAR the MOST powerful post, I have EVER seen. God bless!

    Welcome home troops! Thank you for your sacrifice and service!

    Chive on!

  • Silky

    If this post is about the end of the Iraq war, why are there pics of Afghanistan in the post? #26 and #30 for examples.

    A Canadian Afghanistan veteran

    • TheAutomaticMan

      If i were to guess, it would be because many of the pictures arent of soldiers actually coming home…… it's just to show the sacrifice that soldiers make. I don't see why it matters if there are pics from Afghanistan. And in all honesty, if Rick has never been there, he may not know they are from Afghanistan. Great post Rick, thank you for this.

      • Rick

        kinda funny, anyone looking at the background/uniform not to mention that it is clearly an Afi not an Iraqi in the photo, every once in a while I'll put one in there and just say, yeah I know but I'm interested in seeing who calls it out. I'l give you guys my bg at some point.

        • przechuj

          in other words: i can't tell the difference between the two and i didn't expect that someone can. Oh, and i don't have balls to admit that

  • ben



  • Joe H

    Thank you to all of my Brothers and Sisters who served.

    Semper Fi Marines

    • etcrr

      thank you Joe H for your service as well

  • Thank you

    Shout out to all the troops. your bravery is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

  • Pablo

    There are some pictures missing , showing some of the > 100,000 civilians killed for oil.

    • William

      stupid comment

      • przechuj

        why stupid? there were 100k people killed in this war

    • etcrr

      By Saddam you mean? He killed hundreds of thousands of his own people

  • buttmeister
  • bob

    Thanks to all my fellow veterans who have served. Bridgade, please remove pictures about 9/11 from this post; the two had nothing to do with one another (aside from the fact Bush lied to us all about it). It spreads misinformation.

    • Rick

      this post, and to the best of my ability, none of the posts on theBrigade are meant to sway people in terms of politics. I'm fairly confident in posting a photo from 9/11. Whether you agree with the political aspect or not, it set in motion the chain of events that lead to U.S. and allied troops to battle in Iraq. The point of this post is to show photos that made-up our time in Iraq, to try and just say "thank you" to those deployed…and that it's time for us to stop pointing and get our asses back to what made us great: hard work.

      • przechuj

        "The fact remains they did cause 9/11"

        who? iraqis?

        get your facts straight and don't be another internet ignorant

        • przechuj

          "Iraq was harboring the training camps for Al Qaeda" – of course, and don't forget about the chemical and nuclear weapon they had

          • przechuj

            bush about the main reason to invade iraq:

            and about connections between 9 11 and iraq:

        • etcrr

          Al Qaeda caused 9/11 and along with other mitigating factors Iraq was harboring the training camps for Al Qaeda. I have my facts straight my friend. I lost a lot of friends in those towers. I have my eyes and ears open. I know full well its implications and cause and effect and so do you

  • przechuj

    coming from iraq, going to iran. this won't end soon

    • fuzzybeard2016

      It never does. I remember when I was a kid reading about a historian who had analyzed the history of every armed conflict since the Pharaohs were able to establish standing armies ~5,000 years ago. In all that intervening time, this planet has been at a complete state of peace for no more than 50-75 years.

      I really hope that was a bullshit story that I read; because if it's true, it's depressing as hell.

      • przechuj

        i've heard something similar, that since WW2 there was not a single day without a war

  • libertasamar

    you all have no idea at all what was going on there do you? you should never stop asking questions especially about this war that went on in iraq.
    There is no army that caused so much suffering as the the one from the united states of america. Instead of creating a ravaging war we americans should all have stood up for the innocent iraqi people instead of killing and murdering them
    Never just take what you heard from your superiors or leaders as true and look further then what is presented to you

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