Early Randomness: Coming home from Iraq (74 HQ Photos)

The U.S. is officially coming home from Iraq. No one will reflect on our time in Iraq more than those deployed. There will be many numbers thrown around the media. Numbers of lost troops and financial costs…with the usual half-hearted “but thank you to the soldiers”.
If you’d like, give audio a play. It’s a speech from a movie about football but if you substitute “freedom” for “football”, well, I don’t know…for those who served in Iraq, hold your head high. It’s on American citizens to stop pointing and start looking ourselves in the mirror. As for Iraq, they will have to make their own bed now. The U.S. and our allies provided them with the blanket…a shot at democracy.

  • Paul

    So how money are we going to give that country to rebuild now…?

  • Kristine Smith

    Words will never express the freedom we have because of every man and woman that ever wore a uniform. I THANK YOU for each American that never has, I THANK YOU as an Army brat, wife and Marine sister. I pray for each of you to be home safe with your family. I pray America can give you back what you gave us! I pray you have the freedom you fought for. God Bless and WELCOME HOME AND THANK YOU!!!! Stop fighting over this war-it's over…………..get on let the people of Iraq live without us just as other countries have-let them find their way as our soldiers find their way home.

  • yogesh

    so much emotional journey of 9 years of Iraq war at the End…..

  • Will

    Tons of buildings and bridges destroyed and American tax dollars rebuilding them all while American roads and bridges are crumbling. What is total bill so far on this war? I don't understand the logic.

    Congrats to the troops coming home.

    Go Ron Paul http://youtu.be/SMHBEAeNa-c

  • SheriffPablo

    It's Really easy to tell the difference in the comments from soldiers and vets, and people who have never had dust on their boots a day in their lives. To all of those making political commentary, you have obviously missed the point of this post. American soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen are going to be home with their families this Christmas. That is the point. Try to stay a little positive, and pray that by next Christmas, EVERY SINGLE ONE will be home with their family.

  • jeriamee

    Thank you isnt enough

  • http://www.justfindit4u.com/2011/12/just-for-those-who-serve-welcome-home-troops/ Just For Those Who Serve: Welcome Home Troops! | JustFindIt4U

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  • MilitaryBrat

    There are 90 years of military service in my family history. I wipe tears as I scroll through this post thinking of how each man represents a family, a community, a life connected to so many other lives. Praise God they are coming home. Their families deserve them alive and next to them, actively living their freedoms.

    If only this were the only war that needed to end.

  • Ron

    Cheesy? Your thanks to our brothers and sisters coming home is worth more than you'll ever know. Thanks for supporting them

    • Rick

      thanks man, I know it sounds stupid but I always get nervous when I try and put something behind the more important posts…I really have no idea as to how people will react to a football speech to explain my thoughts on a war

  • SAMEtuPEdaŁy

    90 years of military service in family and you cry like a little girl when looking at some photos?

  • jirmiro

    what a nonsense! People should not have joined the military in the first place. Then the soldiers and their families would not have to go trough this misery. If you chose this occupation. You got to deal with the consequenses and not be so sentimental about it. Besides there is nothing heroic about killing and murdering innocent people for a living.

  • Tim Nichols

    I really loved seeing this post. As a serving member of the British military I have had the pleasure of serving with American soldiers and you will not find a more generous, gracious, professional warrior this side of the black stump! God bless you all for your service. Tell me where the cannons roar loudest and I will follow you through the gates of hell……

    • Rick

      America can't do this alone. To our allies and easily first and for most, our British allies, are more than important…simply put, we need you guys. thank you

  • etcrr

    You are correct Rick, Bob is not. This has nothing to do with Politics. 9/11 is to this era as Pearl harbor was 70 years ago to WWII in the Pacific. If in his near sightedness, he cannot see that, then it is his problem not yours.

    Bob is entitled to his opinion about how all this came about, Political as it maybe to him. The fact remains they did cause 9/11 and we took the fight they started to them and kicked then heartily.

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