• Cshaw

    Holy crap! I went to middle school with this kid! Which explains why it was shot in Virginia Beach. This kid used to be the skinniest little annoying kid in the school. Not anymore ha.

    • PubicJones


    • burx90

      who the guy in the video, or the guy talkin

    • SimonPhoenix

      Cool Story, Bro.

  • Brocksamsung

    Wow!… I seen this video a couple of months ago and it still puts the same energy everyday to go out there and susucced!

  • Insomniac

    How bad do I want it?… not enough to make me stop playing Skyrim lol

    • Matt

      as bad as you want it, you won't be successful at all once you take it in the knee

    • JDB

      I used to be successful like you until I took an arrow to the knee…

    • your skyriminess

      ha ha ha ha so very very true. my initial thought is…… i want to be fit like that again. and then my next one is nahhh my guy on skyrim is kicking to much ass right now. we will make that next years new years resolution.

  • Mike

    This pumps me up so much. Every time I see this I get a massive erection and hair grows on my chest.

    • DerJöe

      maybe you should turn on your speakers, and stop focusing on the black sweaty man

      • morebeer

        Know how I know you're white?

        • DerJöe

          I'm european, and I can say sweaty

          • morebeer


  • James

    skyrim etc makes this world a worse place. what happened to playing with your mates OUTSIDE

    • bbqboobs

      I was gonna play with my friends outside, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

    • Ken

      yeah tell that to all the rapes and kidnaps.. Kids don't go outside because it's not safe.
      I was almost kidnapped as a child and I was scared shitless for a lot of my childhood.
      and I wouldn't want other children to grow up the way i did.

      • valde

        So you think it's better for kids to stay inside their entire childhood??

      • tye

        You must of grown up in a horrible place, when i was younger everyone went outside, i was out all the time when i was a child as was almost every other kid was too, theres nothing bad about being outside

        • JDB

          Till the street light came on…

    • theeemightybuck

      i have my CoD MW3 command center outside….. that counts

  • NotAGrammarTroll

    I badly wish that people would properly understand adjectives.

  • NeedToHitTheGym

    how athletic that guy is makes me feel like a piece of shit lol

    • BleedC&B

      To bad he didn't get drafted!!

  • ExceptyUSuck@life

    Except for the fact that that's an adverb, bitch. Such a hairy one.

  • Cameron
    • JDB

      Cool intro bro. Thanks for the link.

  • IceColdBuddha

    amazing……wow…… anybody know the athlete?

    • ranD

      Giavanni Ruffin (running back for East Carolina).

  • A Kinesiology Major

    The athlete is not the important part (altho awesome) the speaker is Eric Thomas. The story and the point are the reasons this is such an amazing video.

    • burpee

      Explosions In the Sky is pretty awesome, too.

    • Zach

      it is important, because the story is a perfect story for Giavanni. He wants to succeed and is doing everything in his power to make it happen. GO PIRATES!

  • phydor

    He's right. …i typed at 12:36am when I should be at the other laptop where work is done if I'm bothering to be awake at this time.

  • Inspect-Her Gadget

    The athlete is Giavanni Ruffin (former running back for East Carolina). He is now an unsigned free agent looking to try to sign with a team.

  • LingeringThoughts

    thanks i needed this 🙂

  • bMoles

    That video single handedly made up my mind to ask for a gym membership instead of the chive gift bag for Christmas. Sorry chive.

  • Pinche Manny

    Thanks! now i won't sleep till saturday my last day of school!

  • Barrel in a Barrel

    This one is better – TRY to disagree.

  • St.Christopher

    didn't motivate me one bit.

    • This

      Let me tell you the rest of the story. He becomes successful. Then he realises that money power and success don't bring peace of mind and happiness. Then he dies. The End

      • Generic User Name

        Weak sauce.

      • Fibro

        Only poor people believe that money and success don't bring peace of mind and happiness. 😦

  • JR Figg

    ECU on the map leggo Pirates!!!! AAArrrrgggghhhhhh

    • KSmith

      Haha Figs is that you?

      AAAARRRGGGGHH! ECU all the way!

      • tony

        Kyle is that you? 3804 😉 you know who this is

  • DC22

    that's what I think I look like in my head

  • Bart

    Mike Spracklen, best rowing coach ever, about teh same filosophy but less shouting

  • Pollo

    Now ready for finals.

  • Eric

    Just had a kid, want sleep more than tv. And I will get it.

  • roadie

    First thing someone asks me after I tell them I get up at 3:30am to train is, "What time do you go to bed?"
    To most people, sleep is #1. That's why they're late every day. That's why they procrastinate with just about every choice they make in life. They're afraid of losing sleep. Me? I'm afraid of losing. Period. That's why I wake up 5 minutes before my alarm goes off and I'm busting my ass before most people even think about hitting the snooze button – the first out of 4 times.

    • SimonPhoenix

      Cool Story, Bra.

  • Dean

    When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you'll be successful.

    • eggnog

      OOOhhhh… I thought it said when you want to succeed as bad as you want to BREED

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