Maltese Falcon: A mega yacht with a pricetag even billionaires shy away from (29 Photos)

Via TwistedSifter

  • jaw

    its almost 2012.. put a engine on that bitch

    • Hedgehog Johnson

      Motorboating is something you do in the bedroom — not at sea. Sailboats are way classier than motorboats.

    • etcrr

      guarantee you it has a backup motor in it

      • Dream_Weaver

        Back up motor? I recall hearing it had something like 6 1000hp diesels. I am likely wrong on those figures, but it does have some serious power attached to it.

        • No-Name

          Anyone can crew a motorized vessel anyway, given a little training. Sail-driven ships need a much higher skill level to crew it. It takes class (and grants bragging rights) to have a sail-powered vessel. Though I imagine that the six diesels are for the best, should wind power turn to storm power.

          • Dream_Weaver

            This isn't some cabin cruiser down at the lake. Did you see the photos? I've had a few boats over the years and can 'drive' them pretty well. I think If I alone fired up this one and took it for a spin, it would be fire and tears in a small amount of time…

    • float

      99% of sailboats have motors, dip shit…this might be a wild guess but I'm pretty sure a motor was included in the package…

      • phdonme

        U Mad Bro….. Calm down, not everybody has comprehensive knowledge of nautical vessels….

        • sultanofswing

          The Maltese Falcon has two 1,800 horsepower (1,300 kW) Deutz engines running at 1,800 rpm with a top speed of 20 kn (23 mph; 37 km/h) with minimal wave-making and virtually no vibration or noise and with a smooth and non-turbulent wake.

          Thank you wikipedia. Not sure I buy the no vibration and noise, but yeah.

          • Dream_Weaver

            If you dropped 100 million on a boat you better not have a noisy Evenrude outboard buzzing in your ear and stirring your martini after it's been properly shaken.

  • AussieChiver23

    Looks like a Imperial Star Destroyer.

    • Maytrix

      I think the correct term is Imperial Wave Destroyer

      • O'Donnell

        I see what you did there.

    • ROR

      and that would be another reason to get it

  • Lobba

    Burgu harbour

    • One of them

      Birgu Malta

  • R

    #20 and #24 Looks like it has it’s own warp core 😀 awesome!

    • Underbaker

      My first thought on #20 was that Yachtimus Prime welcomes you aboard.

  • kcford

    I believe Oprah gave one of these to everyone in the audience during last years Christmas special.

    “YOU get a yacht! YOU get a yacht! YOU get a yacht!”

  • Ryan B.

    I would just live on that, ultimate house boat. Some heavy weapons would be needed to keep the pirates away.

    • WTF

      Sorry for my fat finger. I wanted to rate it thumbs up.

    • No-Name

      I think a few 5-inch guns should do. One at the tip of the bow, one on either side mid-ships, and two more at the stern just because of the rule of dakka.

      MORE DAKKA!!

  • b money

    Good place to shoot a porno. Just saying.

  • brady

    soooo … evil villain stuff ?

  • maboze1x

    Super cool! 🙂

  • Bogdan

    Me at the shore, with a handkerchief… #28

  • gilles

    I hate sailing, but this would do i gues…

  • Chris

    I got a thousand buck , just need another 599 people and we have the best boat party ever. Who’s in

  • Guest

    First world problems

    • Dream_Weaver

      what's the problem? I didn't hear any complaining.

  • etcrr

    this is a fantastic yacht if you're into that kinda thing. I would be happy with the mini sub!

    • wells11490

      mini sub is the coolest part of this.. the interior is pretty ugly as far as yachts go

  • Herp Derp

    bitch should have given the money to her fucked up homeland instead of wasting it…

    but hey, Europe (especially Germany) pays Greece's debts. – High Five!

    • mr10683

      true, but hey if you got 100 mil to give for a boat you prolly have 100m for your homeland. And Greece is the only country in europe who hasnt gotten WWII restitution from Germany…so they kinda still owe greece money.

      • ste

        They got WWII restitution. For example the germans payed them 2 submarines und subsidiced 4 more. Don't ask me what they wanna do with them, but they wanted them and they got them from the germans.

        • dan

          How about she does whatever the fuck she wants with her money

          • ROR

            THANK YOU! Now if only our US gov't would get that through it's dome we'd be doing great.

    • castincouch

      <DIV id=idc-comment-msg-div-241129688 class=idc-message><A class=idc-close title="Click to Close Message" href="javascript: IDC.ui.close_message(241129688)"><SPAN>Close Message</SPAN>
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      <P class=idc-nomargin><A style="TEXT-DECORATION: none" class=idc-share-facebook href="; target=_new><SPAN class=idc-share-inner><SPAN>Share on Facebook</SPAN></SPAN> or <A href="javascript: IDC.ui.close_message(241129688)">Close MessageFrance and Germany sold Greece a mountain of debt, for what? Loans to build bridges and highways between Greece and Europe. Guess who built them and made all the money? Yep — France and Germany !! True, Greece's politicians took the bait and helped create the mess that the Greek population is now paying for. EU is finally realizing that Socialism doesn't work…

  • darioc

    The thing dreams are made of.

    • TomTheCameraGuy

      Stuff, but good try

  • G1880

    Its more millennium falcon than maltese falcon, check out that seat! #24

    • bunedoggle

      I thought that was the robot autopilot.

    • chivebucket

      ita a Recaro seat

  • Andrew

    The maltese falcon in Malta! Awesome! #23

    • Miklos


      • Andrew


        • One of them


          • Miklos

            All right I thought there were no maltese ppl that visit chive XD

            • Chris...Brooklyn

              MALTESE and CHIVINNN ONNN

              • FalseSecurity

                Maltese and chiving on from Fgura!

                • FalseSecurity

                  PS. I would prefer if the yacht itself is 2-in-one yacht/submarine!

  • PPrawn

    It was docked in Antigua when I visited during Easter, it's unbelievably stunning up close!

    • Liar

      No it wasn't.

  • MigraineBoy

    This boat is like a Star Wars Prequel. At first sight it looks cool and it has everything you want, but then you realize it has no soul.

    • No-Name

      Oh lay off the prequels already, will ya? The jokes are all old.

  • Anndddyyyyy

    I see what you did there…. #2

  • casey

    thats fucking stupid. do you know how big of a house you could get with 97 million. people are fucking dumb

    • Dee

      With that kind of money she probably has "a house" in couple of cities plus a private island. What's disturbing is that she could probably build a whole village in Africa or several homeless shelters or finance cancer research or anything 100000times more meaningful!

      • Guesty

        Spot on… just think how much 97 million could do to help poor families etc!! i know thats what id do…

        • hMMMM

          yeah fucking right, Guesty. You're like the nastiest person on here.

      • eatpoo

        let me know how much you make a year and i will decide what you should do with your money

      • Bullshit

        Fuck Africa. They got along just fine before industrialization and will be around long after the rest of us blow each other to hell.

      • ROR

        You mad, bro? You let us know when you make 100 mil and how much you donated to charity. Moot point, since it's obvious your lack of financial understanding will never get you there.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #27 mr. data, warp speed one, and… engage

    • Si1entStatic

      Load Photon torpedoes for maximum range……. Fire. Shields up, Red alert………

  • oridotan

    Totally worth that price tag thanx to the mini sub

    BTW Chive I gotta ask
    how does that mini sub gonna help with the Zombie apocalypse that the Yacht won't be enough ?

    its not like Zombies are much of a swimmers

    • Lev

      Emergency trips to shore. More discreet.

    • Smitty

      Although zombies cant swim, they can walk across the bottom. Don't ever assume that a body of water is going to keep you safe.

      Go watch Land of the Dead by Romero, you'll see.

      • oridotan

        that is a better reason to stay on the boat far above the bottom
        unlike that sub that goes dangerously close to danger

    • Jbiggs

      Who said it was a Zombie apocalypse?

      • oridotan

        it's the only apocalypse worth mentioning

  • McG

    #13 Great Pic…

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