Maltese Falcon: A mega yacht with a pricetag even billionaires shy away from (29 Photos)

Via TwistedSifter

  • Anonymous

    that submarine will mess up my POOF!!!

  • fourbeermilky

    I want to see the crew quarters where all the plebes reside. That ship has got to have a sizable crew that's living somewhere.

  • JentleMe


  • Fool of a Took

    Looks great, but what happens to all your stuff when the boat is on a 45 degree angle?

  • Johnnotapanda

    Definite need

  • WTF

    I’ll take 2

  • mcsailor

    "LOD"?…more proper nautical term would be "LOA" (Length over all). But boats (and yachts) are registered by their LWL (Length of Water Line).

    Just saying.

    Seeing this yacht sailing up close on the water is amazing. Saw her going under the Golden Gate last year.


  • Anonymous

    #2 are they actually watching the maltese falcon

  • Noice

    Crazy cool sail system on this thing.

  • Wim

    I've saw this boat during her maiden voyage in La Spezia in Italy in the summer of 2006 and it's amazing to see this ship under sail.

  • Franklin1138

    I may have to pull a Zaphod Beeblebrox and steal that ship. Love the design of the bridge!

  • Bored

    Looks cheap.

  • Dream_Weaver

    Absolutely insane! I wonder what it costs just to run in for a month? Even when you get it at the awesome bargain of $70 million under sticker, that thing has to cost millions per year even if it's just moored.

  • waltgator

    that is pretty pimp!

  • anon

    I would wreck that.

  • Skedaddle

    I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have a “main saloon “.

  • CXY

    Made in Turkey

  • ImpressMe

    That thing is amazing…. who needs a house on land with one of these? #13

  • evmiester

    when the rapture happens and im not taken…im stealing this 😉

  • mrme

    want a video of the sails unfurling

  • The El-conquistador

    I dunno, if I got 97 "one million dollar" yachts I could have a different one every day of the week….or something?

  • ROK247

    if you have the means, i highly recommend picking one up.

  • Triplenerd

    Toaster? TOASTER?? I can only think it's there because Bitches Love Toasters..

  • Doctor_Krieger

    Id rater pay 600,000 a week for this than 40,000 a month for that not worth it blonde chick posted on this site a month back

  • Chuck Stevens

    Welcome to my lair…Mr. Bond!

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