Nothing beats a beautiful smile (32 Photos)

  • MrIlovecans

    #30 MOAR

    • Spencer_on_Fire

      Couldn't agree more

    • Eastwood

      Bares a striking resemblance to Miranda Kerr…

      • its_forge

        I do believe you are correct. You can't see those brain-melting dimples but I'm pretty sure that's Her Majesty The Queen Of Cute.

  • Andy Drake

    I find these pics are sexier than the hump DAR ones. A great smile and eyes is a big one in my book.

    • Franklin1138

      Amen, dude. Well said.

    • c.ash

      i second that!

    • Dr. Hfuhruhurr

      Would like to disagree and call you a dipshit like its my job, but you speak the truth Herr Drake

    • Uncle Sam

      They could put up this post every day, and I'd still come back to see it every time.

      #9 is a stand out, but they're all beautiful.

    • aaaaa

      Well, I'll be damned! I never would have thought that I could cum to a gallery of girls just smiling. Guess I'm really starting to mature and grow as a person. Less shallow than I used to be.

    • cocales

      Very sexy yes and nice to look @ but sexier the Hump Dar no. Not everyone have nice hump there no dentist in the world the will make this girls to have a nice Hump is not as easy to achieve.

      • ChaseTheWalker

        I have no idea what you are trying to say… but I think you are saying no dentist can make a nice ass. I would hope no dentist was messing around with any humps before touching my teeth. On that note… a good plastic surgeon can make a nice ass! So… point is invalid.

        • cocales

          On that note… a good plastic surgeon can make a nice ass! So… point is invalid. No they can't make nice ass. OK ass, maybe but always looks fake to me. Now a dentist can make nice beautiful smile….

  • Stephen

    Want all …

  • fishslayer78


    • Jeff


      • Rob

        Or horny teen who hasn't figured out there is more to women than 'boobies!'.

    • ti43

      agreed. you can find this shit on google images. where's the funny/interesting pics?

    • dude


  • Jb

    #1… I’d walk from home (northern Ontario, Canada) all the way south in bare feet to see that smile in person. It’s fuckin cold up here too so that says something

    • Au-Some

      For sure. I'm down in Edmonton. She looks like Jessica Alba till you see the picture upright. Gorgeous!

      • VanIsleChiver

        You wanna talk about cold? Man I'm out west coast Vancover Island!
        #32 best saved for last

        • mzf

          Winnipeg is colder…you can all suck it. 🙂

          #32 can warm me up any time.

    • rable

      noone care where you live, im in toronto btw

  • Daniel

    #6 #26 are absolutely amazing…

    • Herp McDerp

      "Nothing beats a beautiful smile" — except a semi-decent smile positioned above some great tits, or a possibly cute smile attached to a scantily clad, sexy ass

      • Leo

        My friend, you are examining this all wrong.
        These are very beautiful breasts positioned under a more beautiful smile (and lovely eyes).

        • Tcon0

          Those are Michele Bachmann eyes!

  • Patrick

    #9 is the dead girl in ABC Family Pretty Little Liars

    • Dan

      So it's confirmed that she's drop-dead gorgeous.

      • Dan

        Sasha Pieterse, for those interested.

  • skrumdog

    #26 …

    Please Chive, FIND HER!

  • Patrick

    #6 & #13 are amazing!

    • MATT

      You picked the same two as me. Flip you for 'em.

    • @Jorgepro8


  • http://Mcgee John

    26 amazing. 19 is gross this filter needs to get a tad better her forehead is so huge it doesn’t fit in the photo. Who knows how much more that thing goes up

  • Jordan

    #2 #4 please. But all are fantastic.

    • jaime

      Is #2 Victoria Justice? Suffice it to say, I have kids.

      • triplecap

        It is Victoria Justice. She was on my "Celebrity Wait List" for years.

  • b money

    32. Moar.

  • kokuryuha

    These galleries are one if my favorites when they get posted…

  • dzl78

    These women don’t exist


    #13 you are fn Hot!!

  • Dongo

    #6 has an absolutely HOT set of …. Teeth!

    • The_Stif

      agreed… gorgeous girl.

    • ICEMAN

      will be wonderful wake up with that beautiful smile beside me

      • ICEMAN

        will U introduce me??

  • Scotty

    #15 I love Lights!

  • Scotty

    Oops I ment #18, 15 is good too

    • #20

      good catch. i love lights too, freeking hot!

  • Lewis


  • April Calendar girl

    #1 has the creakiest skinny tiny body & a monstrous head!

  • April Calendar girl

    #1 has the creepiest skinny tiny body & a monstrous head!

    • ICEMAN

      that's is effect of anorexia while she growing up…. pitiful

  • Joe brown

    Gotta find 14 and 32! Then *ahem* introduce me…

  • Pugsley89

    #4 has got to be the sexiest smile I’ve ever seen. Find her!

  • HIMYM_NLBlog

    Smiles are awesome

  • billy9

    Gotta love a great smile

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