The ‘Keep Calm’ Holiday Gift Bag has arrived! (15 Photos)

The Keep Calm and Chive On Gift Bag is here for one day only (and let's face it probably less than that) RIGHT HERE. To answer everybody's biggest question, yes you do receive a 'Keep Calm' with your order. Below are all the other goodies you'll receive, cleavage not included.

Keep Calm and Chive On Gift Bag available right here.

Keep Calm and Chive On Gift Bag available right here.

  • derp

    Nothing like becoming a walking ad…and paying for it….what a bunch of fools you all are.

    • JDTulsa52

      you mad bro? Dont hate just because you cant afford it…..

      • JDTulsa52

        ALSO, your saying you dont own ANY professional team gear? And all of your clothes dont say anything? Go be a Troll somewhere else..

        • Dick Salad

          At least his name is appropriate. Now derp back to your occupy movement!

  • Mart37

    $108 for shipping to Canada, thats a little retarded

    • Jona_Vark

      Agreed… i hope it's an error?

      • Mart37

        I hope so, there has been errors before for the price of shipping, but by the time it's fixed im guessing they will be gone unfortunately….

    • Tiffany

      I know!!! I nearly shat myself when I saw that! FTW… Postal Service!? 😦

    • sordid

      I was so excited to order a couple gift bags till I noticed the shipping 😦

    • dsparob

      Crazy that the only option was expedited international. I don't need it by christmas, just wanted it to have. $145 including shipping is a little…a lot much!!!

  • Irishstephen


  • Spencer_on_Fire


    Snuck those in…..damn gorgeous

  • luckyB

    an $80 christmas gift to…MYSELF since the KCCO and BFM shirts went before i could f@#&*?! blink!
    hey chive how about an order limit? like 2 shirts per order? just sayin 🙂 been wating for MONTHS…

  • It'sJimmyYo!

    Some of the items in your cart became unavailable during your checkout process. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  • _________

    I love the little red bow, nice touch


  • @SnakeMxR

    Wish i could afford one of these 😦 in stock in small too 😥

  • josh

    Its not like u will have any in stock just like ur t shirts……print some more dammmit!

  • Christopher Read

    $80. 00 shipping to Canada?! Come on now.

  • Nick

    The shipping to Australia cost more than the bag!!!

    • Arty

      same in germany. shipping costs 118 $

  • Ice_9

    Why Was The Price Lowered After!?

  • whxray72


  • chris rock

    Good Lawd!! $59.99! Should more like $29.99. But I don't want to ea tinot your already large profit margins with these. Chive on!

  • Lucas

    Good idea guys, but 60 $ for the pack and 120 $ for the shipping in europe….. well, ok… let it go :-(((

  • Seldi84

    I'll only buy one if i can get #15 thrown in as well.

  • LilMikey

    why'd they drop the price after releasing it??? they better go back through and credit the people who bought the package – they keep messing with these orders and the people who actually buy them.

  • Blow Me.

    Steps to making money:

    1) Steal photos from Reddit/4chan
    2) Ask viewers to submit photos from Reddit/4chan OR lousy pictures of themselves
    3) Develop a stupid catch phrase
    4) Sell shitty merchandise
    5) Supply less than the demand, so it's "exclusive"
    6) Repeat

    I'm just here for the tits, so I contribute nothing.

    • GlibTongue

      Their Catchphrase was stolen from the British War Campaign during the London Blitzes.

      It was Red, with a crown, and said 'Keep Calm and Carry On'.

      It's still used, quite frankly, by a lot of military wives from commonwealth countries.

      • Blow Me.

        um, no shit…

        But that just shows how shitty their little marketing campaign is.

  • Jason

    hard year….love to get it but have to pay the bills. Next time

  • Jay Jay

    Wish you guys would have waited until pay day Friday. I'd love to buy a bag full of goodies, but no monies until tomorrow 😦

  • Samiam

    #15 WOW BEAUTIFUL …moar

  • therealguy

    No shot glass? Nope!… j/k REORDER THAT SHITE!

  • GlibTongue

    No offense, but I'll pass on this seeing as I know one of these will end up on eBay.

  • MikeAtso

    I’d give you my $118 if the woman were included. That was the deal breaker

  • darthsodomizer

    Looks like somebody got a heat press for xmas at the chivery

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