The ‘Keep Calm’ Holiday Gift Bag has arrived! (15 Photos)

The Keep Calm and Chive On Gift Bag is here for one day only (and let's face it probably less than that) RIGHT HERE. To answer everybody's biggest question, yes you do receive a 'Keep Calm' with your order. Below are all the other goodies you'll receive, cleavage not included.

Keep Calm and Chive On Gift Bag available right here.

Keep Calm and Chive On Gift Bag available right here.

  • shelbymac

    This is what I was wanting but I guess I read the date wrong. I thought they went on sale Tuesday with the KCCO shirts. I didn't see the gift bags so I just ordered two shirts. Oh well, at least I got the shirts.

  • Pat C.

    108.50 $ for shipping to Canada? Sorry guys, but once again. no thanks

  • smiley

    ordered a set, little pricey but I wanted a shirt

  • Eric

    Wow you guys are huge sellouts. Gift bags…seriously???

  • Fizzel

    #15 Oh Munn!!!. I mean Oh MAN!!!

  • Edaea_Sinid

    #15 Sexiest gift bag I have ever seen!

  • anonymous

    #12 SO MUCH F'ING WIN!!! MOAR!!!

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #15 K hon I will wait hehe

  • Anonymous

    13 wow. Enough said

  • florist

    It is really nice to find such a fabulous gift bag, I think you have shared a lo of information regarding it. I was really looking for the same.

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