• Nick Burns!

    I hope the mean, tall one in the top hat is MY great grandfather.

  • jadiwin

    take that guy on ole timey bike!

    • tony

      u know back then it wasent called an "ole timey bike" it was just a bike… haahahaa

  • Fool of a Took

    I’m 35, but my great-grandfather would have been a young man in ’96.

  • Marty

    I don't think that film technology was that good in 1896. Maybe 1906 or more likely 1916 or later.

    • SpacemanSpiff

      well you should know McFly

  • rlury

    that dude just stole the bike and rode off, watch it again.

    • hookorcrook

      actually the guy who fell took it back from another guy who picked it up

  • james

    I like how everyone targets the guy on the bike

  • dee dubya

    It's weird to watch a video when you know that everyone in it is dead.

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