To each their ink (48 photos)

  • Piper

    14 is worse than 15.

  • Carguy95

    Is #16 the dc metro?

    • uninvited guest

      looks like it to me

    • pokeman169

      It Definitely is, I use it every day

      • mihaisuzuki

        This way you can never gel lost!

    • Mike

      yup….tho this looked ps'd…..but fuck if i know. hell i know #12 is fake

      • Crobli1

        Actually I read that this girl got her ex boyfriend to do a tattoo and this is what he did and she is taking him to court

        • stfu!

          Yeah, it's a fake story, though. Look it up on Snopes.

    • Dave

      i wish i lived at king street

  • jack

    Nice looking women on here! To bad they ruined their bodies with trashy tattoos!!!

    • dzgg


      • Dream_Weaver

        I agree with that agreement.

  • Instadeath

    Who is 21 & 22?

  • bryan8181

    If #45’s tattoos don’t scream im a unemployable scab on society I don’t know what does

    • Bruce

      He's a male model. Really.

      • Betty Rage

        His name is Zombie Boy, Google knows him 😉

    • Mike

      actually google "go beyond the cover". the video is insane. minus the piercings he looks completely normal…just kinda grumpy

    • Alister

      gotta have money to get tattoos. explain that, fuckwad.

      the guy is a genuine nice person and ex-carnie, now works as a male model. open your goddamn mind.



    • jmft

      Psst…your caps lock is on.

      • Jawbone

        Whatever refinery you're working in has apparently deafened you. Perhaps you can use some of your "awsome" money to procure a dictionary? If there's a red line under a word you've typed it doesn't mean "Super awesome word choice".

        • Da Shit?

          Yeah fuck that guy for being proud of paying his taxes! Take that you CAPS-lock typin' hippy!

        • Smitty

          IE doesn't do that for you.

  • b money

    26. Terrifying.

  • jimmy

    #16. The DC Metro System Map. That’s a crappy bet to lose.

    • Alister

      also not a real tatt.

  • thrust parker

    Some are just dumb.


    #26 is a mike giant print, takes a sharpie to photos of women. Check out rebel 8.

  • jobxus

    MOAR of 22

  • Lil b

    I’m surprised no 1 has an arrow tat on their knee

  • My Name Is Jim

    Some nasty looking girls in this one.

    #14 – Pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, green clovers, blue diamonds …

    #45 – Is that real? If so, OMFG. That guy is never gonna get laid by any decent girl again. Hope it was worth it.

    • skineepuppy

      14 is louie vitton pattern

    • Da Sandman

      because getting laid is the only important thing in the world

      • makmeadream

        to these losers it is. because most of them never have.

    • mctrippa

      Dude, that's Rick Genest. He is a fashion model and has been working with Nicola Formichetti and Lady Gaga, the man is famous. I have no doubt in my mind that he is getting a shit load more than you could dream of.

      • Katherine

        ^True dat. Rick Genest is a beast, and whoever tattooed him has crazy talent.

        Also, I've always said it and I always will: tattooed people will never judge someone for not being tattooed, so why is it okay for non-tattooed people to judge tattooed people arbitrarily? If you don't like someone's aesthetic choices, that's fine. Nobody's saying you have to. Just don't be a dick about it and keep it to yourself. Seriously, it's just as ridiculous as saying someone won't get laid/is a loser because they wear polo shirts or t-shirts or non-prescription glasses or dark blue shirts with jeans and you don't like it. Everyone has their own preferences so simmer down and focus on the things you like, rather than trying to criticize things other people like.

  • The Machine

    Some pretty cool ink but probably some bad choice and regrets here too

    • Hello

      Damnit, when will this shit fad end!!!!

      • TXJeepr

        Since tattooing has been around for at least 7,000 years, I don't think qualifies as a fad.

        #5 and #12 a smoking

        Shit like #14….now that just has to stop

        • TXJeepr

          damn dyslexia, #21, not 12….12 sucks too

  • JoelGuyPersonMan

    Aha #47

  • Tyler Durden

    #47 The irony!

    • Smart ass

      Wonder if it's shopped.

    • youngblood583

      this is not irony.

    • its_forge

      Irony is when the literal meaning of something isn't the same as the intended meaning. Or situational irony in which actions have an effect that is opposite from what was intended, so that the outcome is contrary to what was expected, such as when a guy who works as a safety inspector falls off a broken ladder while cleaning the gutters at his house. This is not irony.

  • R2GFan

    #5 Now that is one sexy woman.

    • Underbaker

      The lady and the Ink are beautiful, I just don't understand why such a beautiful lady thinks she needs to augment it.

      • herpderp

        have seen her face oh daym she a rat face, real mukky on the overlip

        • R2GFan


        • Underbaker

          Can't make a statement like that without a link to a photo. Show me proof!

    • err

      How do you know? Maybe it's a Thai ladyboy. Maybe she doesn't even have a head. Maybe she has the head of Admiral Ackbar. Maybe it's a trap!

      Just sayin'.

      • Underbaker

        No ladyboy could have an ass that perfect, for the Face all i can say is MOAR so we can find out.



    "That guy doesn't look creepy at all" – Fuckin no one

    • Fucking no one

      That guy doesn't look look creepy at all

    • Concerned Citizen

      Oh hi, Monte Richard and E. Reid Ross

    • Gizno

      Something tells me he was bullied as a child.

      • Alister

        something tells me you know nothing about psychology.

    • Oli

      He is from Montreal and plays in Born this Way of Lady Gaga

      • jazzberry

        Didn't he just do a make up commercial too, a cover up cream. They completely covered his Tat's with the make up. The commercial was pretty cool. I think the dude has ba//z and all the power to him for being who he is.

  • Brian


    DC, represent!

    • BentWrenches

      I thought that was the San Diego trolley system.

    • Verbal_Kint

      easiest metro in the world to ride. even a drunk can get around easily.

      • herpderp

        i afraid thats the london underground system, over wise known as the metro…no other transport system like it in the world…guess again derps

        • DaddyD

          Sorry, dude. It's DC. London is at least twice the size.

          • nick m

            def. the dc metro buddy go back to england. i live off the veinna stop at the end of the orange line.. dc represent.. merica' represent

        • AnyoneForCoffee

          London's underground is also called the 'Tube'….

    • Dick Salad

      Why you leave out orange line?

    • Si1entStatic

      I don't care where it's from as long as I can ride the Pink line to it's last south stop shich is covered up by the waist line of those pants.

  • Dave Fontaine

    #16 DC Representin'!!!!

    • Lisa

      too bad the metro is a goddamn joke

  • Pete_Rock

    Hell no dawg!

    • Borracho

      Turn #4 upside down and it looks a lot like #13 naked…

  • Leonel_LyL

    #47 I see what you did there.

    • herpderp

      tea pot

    • JFK

      I did what you see there.

  • Joe

    Look at me, Look At Me, LOOK AT ME!!!

    • Get a life

      Right! Tattoos are for losers looking for attention.

      • Andy Valentine

        Even the ones who get them to remember the loss of a loved one, or in a place on their body where they don't show it as it's a personal piece, or to show pride in their military background?

        Spend some time listening to the stories that people tell in tattoo studios before jumping to half-assed conclusions.

        • Get a life

          If I gave a shit about people's stories I would ask. No have them shove it in my face. Thanks. Asshole.

          • Andy Valentine

            Man, your life must be cold and empty. You sound like you need a hug.

          • its_forge

            You must be LOTS of fun at parties.

      • gravgp2003

        your probably one of those internet pussies hiding behind your moms computer screen talking smack, but have never had the courage to say anything to anyone outside your semen covered computer chair. ive been covered for years and no one has had the sack to say anything to my face yet "look at me" and "loser looking for attention" are the shit people only say online. your probably to afraid to get one so dont hate on the people that man up and have some you sackless fuck.

        • rabble

          *You're. When the first word of a comment is incorrect I normally disregard the entire comment. However, I am compelled to inform you that the reason people do not say things like that to your face is because you advertise, with your tats, that you do not make rational decisions. I have a career and family, I have no time to waste telling you to your face that I would never hire a person that has visible tattoos, because I do not know if your reaction will be rational or not.

          • the other OTHER Jen

            judging from his previous reaction, take a guess….

  • Philip J. Fry

    #41…Burned it! Nice!

    • Tuff Guy

      That's a very attractive guy.

    • newscot

      Betty Lipstick

  • SkyVader

    #42 Wonder how many neck slaps she got so far?

    • CalculatedRisk

      Blew my tiny mind for realism…

    • Andy Valentine
    • 80's Baby

      I'd slap my own neck. Imagine in the morning coming out the shower, still trying to wake up, mirror is a little hazy. Look up slowly in the mirror and freak the crap out.. Cant stand spiders

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