Admit it, your childhood kind of ruled (38 Photos)

  • fred

    sneakers in #17 reminde me of a japanese exchange student about 1977.

  • The Dude

    #3 Ironhead Heyward was so badass in that game. Couldn't be tackled!

  • spartus


  • OpMongoose

    Does anyone remember the grey skull skunk smell? I found my old grey skull at my parents I had skukcor it STILL smelled after 20 years!

  • bkfrijoles

    #20 i broke my leg playing with those they were so much fun

  • KorovaMilkbar

    I kinda like to pretend that one never happened.

  • Brian R

    #10, is there somewhere I can download this as a gif? I was hoping to set it as an animated wallpaper

  • James699

    #23 for whatever reason those pump up shoes make me think of Double Dare with Mark Summers. Thinking back I think Reebok dominated the advertising during that showw and I was brainwashed to subconciously accociate that product with that slimey, awesome show! mind blown. now i want som McDonalds.

    • Tom

      I seem to remember British Knights dominating the footwear advertizing realm!

  • Edaea_Sinid

    #2 #10 #18 #28

  • Wally_MS

    #11 #12 Fuck and Yes

  • Steve

    #39 When I was in grade school I actually sent a bunch of wrappers in with the indian and star on them and asked if it was true… they sent me a full mulit page letter explaining the myth behind it and how it was false. but they included a free bag of suckers 😀

  • Nate

    I love how the title says it has on 38 photos and there are actually 40 of them

  • Jefffro

    #3, Ah Tecmo Bowl, the best non-Madden sports games ever! Little known fact: Tecmo Bo Jackson was the most dominating player on ANY sports game, before or SINCE!!! Even if they called your play, you could run Bo Jackson up and down the field 3 or 4 times before showing mercy to your opponent and finally scoring a TD. He could break tackles of 6 to 7 men. I wish Madden would bring back Bo Jackson as one of their unlockable players…

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