College call out reminder

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    First and still waiting for my shirts that I ordered on the 28th order #1881115 the tracking number said its not a tracking number

    • Lauren Page

      Mine said it was delivered but it wasn’t.

    • T

      Same w/mine, so I tried ups and it worked.

  • UNH-Durham

    I appreciate that you remind all of us college students to post! My short term memory has been annihilated from nights of binge drinking that there is no way I would remember to document my weekend shenanigans without a reminder.

  • tyker


  • @AGAV13

    ^ You're so cool!

    • deebeecooper

      Ya damn right I am

  • Backslash

    Dude, people are going home on finals now.

  • guestyguest

    dude, how can you make a request for photos after denying us our sexy chivers???

    • Assholes A Plenty

      easy, it's their site they can do whatever they want

  • torqued

    need to see some NC State posts! go wolfpack

  • TommyB

    #1 is cracking me up lol

  • Whorebait

    Chive, why is it most of the videos you post only show up on your Mobile version of the page in the feed? Might want to look into that.

  • Leonard

    I seen the exact Garfield suit setup, with the beer bottles on the ground in Vegas a few weeks ago. It was flippin awesome, pretty creative panhandlers down there.

  • mojo420jojo

    I ordered 4 street stickers and it literally took 2 months for me to get them.

  • g6

    That is the same Garfield I saw him in Vegas as well.

  • Uncguy

    To the state fan GO UNC!!!!

  • fiend

    It seems like this is the only category you have to keep reminding us to send in photos for. Perhaps this means it's not as popular as you'd hoped? Move on. Find something funnier to devote a regularly uploaded album to.

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