Daily Morning Awesomeness (25 Photos)

  • Rollout25

    #16 The Thanksgiving hotspot is a little Soho place called…SPICY. It has everything ghosts, a stuck up kitten who won't sign autographs and Human boomboxes

    • The Bacon Chronicles

      “New York’s hottest Christmas party is at “Whoop!”. It has giant cups of eggnog, a horse singing Christmas carols and Donald Trump dressed as Santa asking for each of the elves’ birth certificates.”

    • crazydog

      New York's hottest club is BOOOOOOOOOFFFF!!! Built by Bony Danza, this club has it all. Hot water bottles full of yogurt (but is it really yogurt?!?!), glow stick suppositories, and little snookie impersonators dressed as traffic cones….wait, that's redundant.

    • Dani

      I dont know about you…but I will take a human suitcase for my christmas gift 🙂

  • ChaseTheWalker

    #6 Uhhhh? What?

    • MrSpiffyTrousers

      You misspelled, "In Soviet Russia…"

  • Frank

    #24 SHIT, SHIT, SHIT!!

    • Aran

      dudes got a pair

    • Chris

      Basking shark: no teeth

    • realplayer

      ok one of two things
      a) he jumped onto a freaking shark
      b) he has the worst friends in the world

    • Jim

      Nope! Chuck Testa!

  • That guy...

    #23 judges say: "10!…11,12,13,14!!!"

  • Smh

    #24 What the hell was he thinking?

    • 6655321

      That he could jump in the water and not get caught by the shark.

    • Chris

      It's a basking shark it has no teeth and is completely harmless…

      • Daniel

        it must be a nurse shark then

      • Me...

        how exactly do you know this? looks like all the other sharks, to me..

        • Me...

          nvm watched the news story…

        • tralfaz

          He is Dwight Schrute.

          • the other OTHER Jen

            balls of STEEL

  • TheLittleBear

    #13 & #23

    GOOOOOOOOD morning Chive..

    • Benny

      Good morning… WOOD

  • etcrr

    #6 in russia marshmellows cook you

    • This guy...

      guess "soviet" got thrown out of the over used family guy reference and everything is fresh and ok now?

      • Big Nipple Gitl

        Fucking thank you.

  • Ander

    #3 Pedobear approved!

  • MACro

    #23 The perfect hump!

    • Oh yes

      id hump that…

      • AnyoneForCoffee

        Indeed! Might as well shut the 'hump' theme down. We've peaked.

  • Anonymous

    Must…study….no….more internet. Wait, the DMA is up!

  • 6655321

    #15 Aside from the Hitlermobile and all.

    • etcrr

      can't tell if this guy is into trucks or a really fast VW

      • Sleep_Salone

        I can't tell if you're a cunt or…yeah, you're a cunt.

  • Beluga

    #11 I'd like to see a badass tracktor capable of pulling half of your airforce …

    • FoXIch

      so true. and yes, it's actually half of air force

    • Jordan

      What the hell is that supposed to even mean?

      • FoXich

        Croatian army has only 2 aircraft (MIG21) and this is one of them,

        • Bepo

          Koji smo mi jadnici hahaha

  • Jake

    #13 All I want for Christmas is Alison Brie.

  • Anonymous

    #2 oh shit Chris farley has resurrected

  • Rich Daniards

    Pai Mei is very mad at his wife for change password? Why not 5 point palm exploding heart technique?

  • MonkeyMadness

    #23 Now THAT, my friends, is a nice ass!

  • etcrr

    #4 now that's camouflage

  • MonkeyMadness

    #5 How does one go about playing defense at a bowling tournament?

  • gregorije1

    #22 i am a proud member of Colbert Nation

  • Deck Hugh

    #1 Just happened to me

  • jordan
    • jordan

      fucked that up

  • luvmyeChive

    #23 more please

  • Seldi84

    #22 Samuel Mother Fucking Jackson for the win.

    • hornydude

      the l is for motherfucker.

  • R2G Fan

    #23 Mother of God.

  • Anonymous



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