• Jean

    Viva la France!!! U dirty war-lovers.

    • AmBush_Steve

      If it wasn't for us "war-lovers" you'd all be speaking German now.

      I'd rather you just said thank you!

      • Jean Fromage

        Okay but what did "you" do actually?

        You're still an obese american sitting in front of his screen all day.
        Thanks god your grand-parents weren't so fat.

        See you in hell.

        • Dan

          What do you do other than eat crepes and and drink perrier?

          • Gashed

            Don't worry about it. He's not really French.

            How do I know?

            Well, try going to France. None of them speak a word of English. You can't even order af happy meal in a McD! Seriously, I tried!

            Other than that, I totally agree with mr. French. Stop waging wars, stop allowing weapons for everybody and for "god's" sake stop being so damn conservative and fundamentalist-like. And stop eating too.

            Greetings from socialist Denmark

      • will

        French are idiots: they've managed to give everyone health care, they have 5 weeks paid vacation, and they were dumb enough to decline to join our well-conceived, brilliantly executed liberation of Iraq. morons.

        • Jean Fromage

          Hehe I love irony. GJ.

        • mick0311

          Yep, and now that they have to start peeling back some of those benefits, the kids light cars on fire and flip them over. So awesome. Give someone crack, then expect them to not act like addicts when you have to take it away. Yeah!! Europe!!!

      • elbruces

        Not true; Russia had the war won.

        • mick0311

          Yeah sure, because there weren't two fronts or anything. They would have mopped Russia up if they didn't have to worry about the west.

          • max

            sure, idiot, sure. germany fucked your france and allies in first months of war. they didnt have to worry about about the west anyway. pray for russia, idiot, pray

      • Alex

        Without the French, America wouldn't have won it's independence from the British.
        Know your own history.

      • max

        Thank you very much!!! Chive on from Libya

    • Al Bundy

      It's wrong to be French.

      • Jean Fromage

        Better being overweighted and homeless right?
        And at least we can speak another language.
        Gogo 'merica

        • Waylon


        • Al Bundy

          Look here Frenchy…don't make me put down my beer and get off this couch…I'll kick your fucking ass. The only war you ever won was against yourselves…and that's because one side had whiter flags than the other.

          • Jean Fromage

            "The only war you ever won was against yourselves"

            Ah wow, nice senseless sentence, thanks for telling me. I'm humbly apologizing to you, I hope you'll find the strenght to pardon me. Please answer.

        • fu frenchie

          have you been everywhere in America? No. have you met everyone in America? no. but you read and hear things and automatically amuse everybody is fat. well I heard the french were all, cowards. it must be true cause that's I what heard . I would rather be fat than a coward though.

          • Jean Fromage

            Actually, calling french "cowards" because they got invaded by germans, then saying "you dont know every single americans" is rather pathetic.

            Did you know that many french resistants died during war and allowed many americans operations to succeed? Just check your dictionary at the word "maquis" and learn something.
            My grand fathers died both during war because they were resistants, and on of them got tortired to death. What did your grand fathers do? Listening news on the radio from their safe home?

            What lessons do you have to give about cowardice and history?
            Dude, you're even more than retarded than I thought.

            • fu frenchie

              Wow! you sure do like to talk about shit, about things you had nothing to do with. I wasn't calling french cowards because they got invaded. I merely stating a point. on another note. I don't give a shit about your grandfathers. nobody asked you for your life story.

              • Jean Fromage

                I see clearly your profile: 16 years old, fat, acne, uneducated, playing MW all day, neglected by his parents, no "real" friends.

                Has to troll on forums to get a few attention.

                Adios kiddo. Grow up or die. Fast.

                • fu frenchie

                  Oh wow! first of all don't have a profile. I'm 25 and in great shape. I don't play MW. I was trying to be civil and you have to keep talking shit. you call me a troll. get attention? Wow! look up the word hypocrite. you're the one that started this. go on now run away. nobody will be surprised. it is what the french are good at after all.

                  • Jean Fromage

                    Yeah my bad, I've over estimated you.
                    Obviously you don't understand the words you are using and just wasting my time.

                    FYI, I'm the one starting this topic, he's another guy.
                    And being named "fu frenchie" isn't being "civil" and proves how narrow-minded you are.

                    Making general haphazard statements about french people is another demonstration of your obnoxious personality. Actually, my only mistake was to drown at your level. I apologize to the other non-retarded american fellows. Not at you.


                    • Jean Fromage

                      I'm "not" the one.

                • Lori

                  "has to troll on forums to get a few attention"
                  hahaha dude, thats you!

            • passwordistaco

              Didn't France declare war on Germany first and then get "invaded"?

              • Jean Fromage

                You should learn "when" to close your mouth so people don't take you for an idiot.
                I guess history programs in US are only concerning American Football and retarded Sitcoms.

                Pretty sure you don't even know where France is located…

                • passwordistaco

                  Actually visited France in '96, you guys are nicer in person. Check your facts before name calling too, France and the U.K. both declared War on Germany after they took Poland.

                • Jawbone

                  Sure we do! It's in the asshole of the world. We don't need to find it on a map, though, your stench makes you quite easy to locate. I "guess" you can understand simple direction, correct?

                  • Jean Fromage

                    Kinda disappointed by your answer.

                    No it's wrong, I wasn't expecting anything from you.

                    So it's ok.

                    PS: The war started by the invasion of poland by nazi germany, UK and France officially declared war, but it was already started.

          • Jean Fromage

            What's to be proud about to be american anyway?
            Your country is in decline, lost his supremacy and seriously in trouble because of economic outcomes and troubles.

            Go eat some delicious shameless hamburgers.

            Love ❤

            • http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/dec/17/french-credit-ratings-eurozone-crisis?newsfeed=true Frank

              Really Jean? Is this REALLY the best time to be bringing up economic decline? – cough*European Financial Crisis*Cough….

              Not saying everything is going swimmingly over here, but seriously think a bit before bringing up certain topics. Also before you get all sensitive, I just want to you know I lived in France for 4 years, and I enjoyed my time there very much.

              • Jean Fromage

                I'm playing their game you know. They don't even know what's happening in Europe, it's easy.

                This discussion is totally pointless, bashing retards is fun anyway.

                • Jawbone

                  But why the inclination to hurt yourself in such a fashion, Jean-Cheese?

                  • Jean Fromage

                    Watching uneducated clowns like you talking about a country and people they don't know is hilarious. No actually it's not hilarious, it's kinda sad. AFAIK, I'm not the one pooping on french people over a cat and a dog video. This is typical behaviour of people with double digit IQ.

                    I agree that reaching the bottom like this can be hurtful tho.

        • mick0311

          Speaking English has to do with the incredible expansion of the English Empire a while back, so it makes sense that the most common language on the planet be adopted around the globe. It just happens to be our native language. If french were the most common language, attached to the most powerful country, we would be speaking french as a second language and you would speak just one. Don't worry, you will also be learning how to speak Farsi pretty soon too. Pretty cool.

          • Jean Fromage

            Ok thank you genius.
            Forgot that english people invaded american land and slaughtered all the natives. Another proof of your highness.
            By the way, prepare yourself for it too, I heard a lot of american (mostly black people) are converting to isl@m

            • skylarrrrr

              You can all go fuck yourselves. Stop hating on other countries. Idiots… -____-

            • Lori

              um french tried out the whole colonialism bit too, killed plenty of natives themselves, but wasn't as successful at it

    • MylesofStyles

      Do you know why Champs de Elysee is now lined with trees? To provide shade for the Germans next time they come marching through.

    • Kzo

      It's a fuckin' video about a dog and a cat. Whaoo! i'm impressed 😐

    • Greg Lee

      Hate france…hate america too. as a matter of fact, I'm sick of this whole platet. can't go anywhere anymore without being tracked or videotaped.

      • Jean Fromage

        Consider suicide then. Cheers.

      • Jawbone

        Greg, this "platet" is pretty sick of you too. We saw the videotape of you and your sister. For shame.

    • http://thechive.com/ Turduckenn

      banana hammock

    • Alex

      "Bonjourrrrrrrrr you cheese eating surrender monkeys!"

      • Jean Fromage

        "how yeah" anyone's remembering vietnam here?

        Question: what are the ingredients of "cheese"burger?

        • Alex

          It's a quote from the Simpsons.
          Stop trolling douchebag.

        • Jawbone

          Sure we do! We also remember how it all started with Indochina and you getting your asses kicked out around 1954. Battle of Dien Bien Phu ring any bells, frenchy?

  • Timmy

    hahahahaha..AWESOME..i have a pit/blk lab mix who is 80lbs and he scared shit of my cat who is about 10lbs

  • mises

    I like how the cat basically said awww shut up and stay there.

  • Miles

    Like a boss!!!

  • Bexter

    That dog sounded like a pig! Ewww

  • AJ

    Well that breed of dog is as good as dead.

    • RandallPink

      Had the dog been a Viszla the cat would have got owned, just sayin.

  • Jordan


  • 'Merica

    What a bitch

    • 2co57

      The dog, right?

  • pierreenvoyage

    Like a boss!

  • Adam

    That aint no cat thats a fukn Lemur!!

  • Big_James

    That is a big f&^king cat.

  • 2pumpdump

    forever alone

  • Dingo8MyBaby

    That dog is at least 1/3 pig.

    • beasty

      Thats' funny and sorry to hear about your baby.

    • http://drumusicloudsounds.tumblr.com/ drummer113

      So the French have their dogs bang pigs now?


    • PdxChiver

      Sounded like when the Rancor ate one of those pig things in Return of the Jedi.

  • Steve

    Honey Badger don't give a shit! Happy hangover Chive!

  • turtle

    Bad kitteh!

  • misschris

    Pretty patient cat. Took him 33 seconds to come up with a fuck to give… I would have been less patient with that yapping.

    • cwmuse

      You are awesome

    • Pepermunt9

      you're a women, that's a cat, big difference

  • MonkeyMadness

    I like how the cat pretended to not give a fuck at first and then turned the dog into a total pussy! lol

  • the_mike

    Fuck the French!

    • Frenchgirl

      no thanks ^^

    • Waylon

      I do as often as possible. Beautiful women there.

      • Jean Fromage

        And after, what shall we do, master?

    • OpMongoose

      How about just Fuck said dog…Even though he is cute and all. Why make it against the French? I guarantee that dog was not born French. It's really funny to see people to jump on the anti-French band wagon Over a fucking dog and cat video…Really? Come on…(that dog pussed out but still)

      • the_mike

        Because I am half French and people tell me all the time "Fuck the French". Can I not pass it on?

    • Orcslayer

      Ever saw Turner and Hooch? That's a french dog too… One snap and you would have 2 half cats.
      Ah well, before i forget… it's a movie with Tom Hanks and a Bordeaux Dog… (don't know HOW narrow minded you are)

      • the_mike

        Love me some Turner and Hooch, had the movie poster growing up on my bedroom wall and have a Bordeaux Dog now.

  • jared

    Jesus…put it down, that's just embarrassing.

  • WoogyMonster

    What a pussy.

  • Boom

    Whaddya expect… it is a "french" bulldog.

    • Jean Fromage

      Your mother is a bulldog too right?

  • Unfkngblvbl

    So the French surrender…shocker.

    • da2conan

      best comment yet!

  • http://www.tsn.ca/ CalAb13

    What can you say…..

    He's French 😉

  • SDC

    Hey focker, You need that assurance, do you? You prefer an emotionally shallow animal?

  • SDC

    You see, Greg, when you yell at a dog, his tail will go between his legs and cover his genitals, his ears will go down. A dog is very easy to break, but cats make you work for their affection. They don't sell out the way dogs do.

    • Shady McShaderson

      Nicely done with the Meet the Parents quote.

    • V4Vendetta14

      Doesn't matter. If you die alone in an apartment with either of them, they will eat your face off.

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