Friday Dopamine Dump (34 photos)

  • Aaron

    #2: when across the room if she says “I love you” mouth “olive juice” gets em everytime!

    • Prangsta

      "Elephant shoe" will also get it done.

    • Sean Connery

      What's the difference between you and a mallard with a cold? One's a sick duck….I can't remember the rest but your mother's a whore.

      • mihaisuzuki

        Aren't you supposed to be dying somewhere?

  • El Diablo Loco

    #23 drag racing?

  • p

    #28 if I she told me she did that, then I’d fap in her salad

    • Yani

      But does she like salad dressing?

      • jaime

        On the side.

  • Bexter

    #13 what’s the name of that show?

    #19 I want him… Not the dog… Lol

    • GamerGirl

      Pengu 😉 Its all on Netflix

      • Drunken

        Or…. Pingu

    • Underhill

      I've seen #19 on the GoPro Hero site.

  • tad


    • Evil Dung Beetle

      That's "BEAR" arms. Although Naked Gun was a good movie…

    • Fish

      Ever since encountering the internet, whenever anyone says that I always imagine someone carrying around a bear's arms.

      The internet has been a bad influence on me.

      • tapsnapornap

        or everyone with their sleeves ripped off? …in tad's case…

    • jaime

      Lighten up Francis.

    • xspader

      And that amendment is also why you have such tragedies as columbine and virginia tech. Its great to have the right, but not all deserve the privelege

  • Jtrain


  • noneofyourbuisness

    Last Final today WOOHOOOO

    • Dream_Weaver

      noneofyourbuisness: Class is at 10(am) and when I finish it, I will be able to graduate and GTFO.
      random person: Dude, it's 12:45(pm)

  • Rose3191

    #33 And that's how it's done!

    • Spencer_on_Fire

      For when the family comes to visit you at college

    • DoomsDayDub

      Damn you have a nice body. When are they making you Chivette of the week?

      • Waylon

        Hell yeah

    • Del

      Suttle boob! I like!

      • That Guy

        Subtle, not suttle.

        • FreshChives

          Knot, naught not.

    • Roseisawhore


      • its_forge


  • Diggler

    #18 Is the only thing worth a damn in this post…

    • jgos929

      My wife tried to make these last weekend for breakfast and they SUCKED!!! The constant heat from the baking makes the yoke solid. Its like eating a hard boiled egg.

      • Aggie

        I'd toast the bread and bacon and over-easy the egg and just plop it on top.

        • its_forge

          Use cooked bacon and toasted bread and only put them in the oven for 3 minutes or so.

    • DeRaNgEd

      Donna Hays makes this without the Bread. Taste and Works better…

  • Unfkngblvbl

    #6 Sooo true

  • Brother Maynard

    #5 Am I the only one that thinks that movie was severely overrated?

    • Unfkngblvbl

      I've seen it about 18 times. I'll let you know when I get to 25

    • Lawrence


    • joe chiver

      Yep, I don't get it. Never liked it.

    • bagofchicken

      This and all other Tarantino films. Plus uma is gross.

      • dave

        Well, we can't all be Twilight fans

        • tralfaz


          • Waylon


        • mooseknuckle907

          EAT IT!

      • Dream_Weaver

        A: Uma isn't gross.
        2: This movie is not genius, it had been done before, but it's still a great film.

    • steve

      yes you are

    • Dale


    • Jester

      I don't think it's overrated… Just pure shit.

    • MylesofStyles

      The worst part about not liking this movie is having to tell your parents you're gay.

    • Derbymon

      They told you going in; PULP FICTION. See?
      It's common low-end fiction, mindless-entertainment.
      Product delivered.
      In the 1920-30's they sold a cheap 10-cent magazine on the cheapest paper (Pulp) full of kill / sex / adventure short stories. Now it's video and film.
      Product delivered.

      • its_forge

        ^^^ That.

    • its_forge

      It was entertaining to watch but I never wanted to own it or see it again. OTOH the Kill Bill films were just a tolchocking good time, I laughed my ass off through both of them, well except for the ending, which was LAAAAAAHAAAHAAHAAAAAYYYYME.

  • :-P

    #4 And we will then take over the world!

    • Groggy

      I've felt this way for a long time. Make people have to get up close and look their opponent in the eye.

  • misschris

    #34 GAH! That's…. creepy…

    • rgda

      I want a porn star moiustache too !!!

  • Travis

    My only concern with #18 is that the yolks look too cooked

    • mooseknuckle907

      I would have been inclined to disagree, then I started eating my eggs over-easy instead of scrambled. I have not looked back since.

      • frozenchoisen

        Try "basted" instead. Slightly runny yolks and no nasty liquid white.

    • its_forge

      Yeah those are way overdone, it's runny or nothin' for me. And runny yolks are better for you; cook them solid and you turn the lipids into artery-clogging horrors.

  • Do0zer

    #17 Please explain and thank you in advance.

    • *o*

      Japanese middleschoolers are easily amused

    • MylesofStyles

      They do not shave their genitals.

    • ChaseTheWalker

      Asian tourists and their cameras.

  • mr obvious

    I have posted my comment

  • joe chiver

    #21 Ugh… there's green things in my dinner

    • Sarge

      i don't get that one. Am i missing something?

  • TWON925

    #33 anyone that has too hide their booze has a real problem…or a uptight chick around all the time. Either way not good

    • JimmiThing

      Or maybe they're just at work

    • FONZIE

      He's only hiding the good shit from the thieves!

    • TWON925

      Good call hide the good shit…well played sir

    • finnish

      well… the owner is finnish and we're like… Europe's most drinking country. And as we would say in finnish :Hätä keinot keksii

  • rikooprate

    #31 is that an Olson? #32 Jebus of Tangerine??

    • Dan

      I don't know, but she's cute! Steven Tyler photobomb, as well.

    • schmielllssson

      Emmy Rossum from Shameless?

      • Jandro

        no – its steven tyler

  • thetwistether

    Dear Chive,

    I have a confession to make. I literally fucked my boss the other night. She's been married for 3-4 years now and the night was defined by none other than the infamous whiskey-dick. I'm supposed to study for my finals and all that is running through my head is the flapping of her gargantuan labia.

    …there, that's so much better.

    • Meh

      Don't stick your dick in a married chick, son.

      • Meh

        … or even try to, whiskey-dick notwithstanding.

      • Dick Salad

        I dunno, I mean if there was unequivocal evidence her husband was a cheating bastard I feel it would be ok, if not then meh go die in a grease fire bro.

      • Waylon

        Unless they are married to you.

    • Mason420

      cool story bro

    • thedude325

      Probably not the best place for a confession….

    • MylesofStyles

      What's his name?

    • Brilliant

      Next time just do her anally…it doesn't count as cheating if you fuck her in the ass.

    • jjj

      Shes the one cheating not you. If you're not fucking it someone else will.

  • Underbaker

    #3 So it was the Lilliputians who actually took Vader down?

    • jonathan

      high-brow vader joke! and they said it couldn't be done…

      • Underbaker

        Is it really that high-brow when Jack Black was the star in the last remake of Gulliver's Travels?

  • TWON925

    #19 SQUIRREL!

    • Prangsta

      Can someone explain why I just loled at that comment?

  • Nathan

    # 23 Drag race

  • Nathan

    #23 Drag Race

    • JAFitC

      It appears the fairy (third from the right) is losing.

  • avatar

    #28 holy moley thats a thick bitch

    • Afghanistan2011

      No wonder why he wont have sex with you. Get into the gym woman!

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