I’m still waiting on my order from the 28th! 1881115

  • greg

    I enjoyed that.

  • Colten Thiel (@thielio20)

    Where can I sign up?

  • http://Facebook Papyjunky

    You should sell This video to mazda, with a slogan like:
    “Live free”

    Or somethin’

    It was a really good trip to watch them ridin’ those waves

  • http://Facebook Papyjunky

    Love those girls ridin’ those waves
    Really cool trip

  • Dano

    That's really cool.



  • Gary

    For the first time in my life, I want to be a surfboard.

  • Kevin

    Im not living my life right

  • brian

    I have a HTC thunderbolt and I can’t view any of the videos on here. Anybody know why or what I can do?

    • Anonymous

      Get an I phone

  • Anonymous

    Buy an iPhone!

  • HEEL

    That's the strangest kitchen I've ever seen

  • horny bastard

    one of the reasons i started surfing when i was 8!

  • Fernanda

    Wow I keep seeing evynoere’s posts and photos from and about Blogpaws. I’m sad I couldn’t come to this one! Maybe next year! I LOVE the big smile from the little neighbor too cute

  • Nitin

    I had friends in coelgle who spent a summer in London and called Diet Coke Coke Lite until they graduated.

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