• Higgs

    Lightsabers power down once their on the ground. Many times there was lightsabers on , next camera angle they were off. Shoddy work. Tsk tsk. Funny ending though.

    Lightning bolt , lightning bolt

    • Anonymous

      It is a little known fact that light sabers deactivate after a fuck is not given.

    • tinny tim

      systems, systems

  • ReallyBadLieut

    Amazing. Ending was as unexpected as it was awesome.

  • king_Leonidas26

    Yes I want to do my own video now

  • LOL

    hahaha totally didn't expect that ending

  • RiloSilo

    Hahaha. Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt!

  • Rob

    That was fantastic!
    Great job

  • Noegod

    This went from awesome to perfectly, totally, amazingly, realistically PREFECT! That ending reminded me of my youth, playing in the yard with the neighbor kids, badass!

  • Jon

    Jedi’s suck, they can’t touch a super saiyan

    • dewd

      Super saiyan?! Really?! That’s who you’re comparing the Jedi to?! Go play with you dragons balls until he kamehamehas all over your gay orange outfit.

    • Obama

      Your such a fucking homo.

  • http://Facebook Papyjunky

    Coollest video ever!!!

  • Jack

    Anyone else think the fighting in this fan video was better than anything we saw in the most recent 3 star wars filmed (excluding darth Maul of course)

  • The Fletch

    Ha Haaa….
    Those guys shot that at my work!
    I wondered what ever happened to that video.
    I still have one of the light sabers beside my desk!

  • 817-chive

    I want to watch star wars now…

  • Roman

    Yup. Sick

  • http://TheChive Michael

    I thought they did an awesome job, it’s funny to hear the critics. I like to see them do better. They had great special effects, good fight scences, and great audio. Also unexpectd funny ending. After watching that, I want to see more.

  • Chad M.


  • warouvish

    This was awesome! Very cool, and hilarious!

  • Anonymous

    Big star wars fan but I agree with jon that a super saiyan would win.

  • Mike


  • Mike

    Excellent video!

  • Jeff

    Best video ever!!!

  • Obama

    Ninjas = the suck, I’m so tired of Ninja bullshit, the Jedi part of it was cool and I’m glad all the f-ing ninjas died. Funny ending though.

  • warouvish

    There’s only one “return” and its of the jedi.

  • blurry00

    kickass ending!

  • Noegod

    Rewatched this and noticed another small mistake at the beginning, jedi don’t chock people not even their enemies. Only the Sith use hate that way. But still, it doesn’t take away from the epicness of this vid.

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles


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