I don’t know what to make of any of this (39 Photos)

  • Joe brown


    • The The

      Alas Joe Brown your dream of coming second has prematurely ended up coming first.

      • SquishyFlint

        Sadly, the same thing kept happening to me with my ex. Thankfully, now that I'm single, I get first, second and third all to myself!

  • Joe

    And (some of) these people vote…

  • gus

    #13, remaking the Tommy scene?

    • Daryn

      roll that beautiful bean footage

    • Yak Surfer

      That's one bra that's been burned……….and BBQ'd.

    • Hank

      Doesn't matter, had sex

    • mihaisuzuki

      I thnk it's a commercial of some kind…a bizzare kind!

  • AussieChiver23

    #36 “Wakka, Wakka, Wakka”.

    • jaynecobb2

      fapa fapa fapa

      • TomTheCameraGuy

        To a tranny?

        • its_forge

          That's not a tranny, that's a man in a dress.

  • Mike f

    #10 is utterly rediculous

    • earthbound misfit

      Don't you mean "udderly"?

  • Farlok72

    #39… Even pedobear is creeped out

    • http://suckit.com Your Momma

      Seriously. Are those real live sex dolls made as children?
      Why were the police not called before this picture?

      • Ted Geiger

        for having sex with dolls?

      • Lythe

        No kidding, some one needs to find and dispose of this person ASAP.

    • creeped out

      Really, find him and post this picture all over his home town, so his neighbors know they have a pedophile near…

  • All methed up

    #13 is probably from some fetish website or something

    • imhereforthegangbang

      I call it Beankkake. Totally normal.

  • Missoula

    People are so fucking weird! However, there’s something about #13… Shit, does that make me weird? Aahhh!!!!

    • yup

      I just gonna go ahead and say that I find her hot. For a one time experience, hell yeah. But I pity those fools who need this to get off.

    • its_forge

      Probably because she has spectacular tits and a cute face and is nearly undressed and forget the beans.

  • drewski

    #13 I thinkhas awoken something inside of ne that shouldn’t have been disturbed…

    • http://twitter.com/TrentVincent @TrentVincent

      Like the Disturbed song?

  • Cali

    #18 should put barrel in his mouth and pull trigger

    • fsdsdfsd

      At least he has proper trigger discipline…

  • Kostritzer

    #13 is strangely arousing

  • Allyson

    #1 peanut butter jelly time???

    • Mike

      Wow Allyson, that was so original!!

  • L

    Is 13 Lady gaga’s new outfit?

  • po-boi

    #13. FIND HER

  • Steph

    That’s a wholelotta WTF in one place.

  • Daguerilla

    38 seemed kinda creepy, and then…39!

  • etcrr

    #5 Monty Python's Knights that say Ni

    • Great film

      "We are no longer the knights that say Ni, we are the knights that say….Chickalickalickalicka!"

      • its_forge


  • The Bandit

    #4 …Braveheart…you're doing it wrong
    #13…still looks very yummy! Nom-nom-nom…
    #20…Lady Gaga look-a-like contest????

  • Herp Derp

    #39 fattie is weird…

    • Me.

      Sandusky's cousin, the ventrilorapist…

      • rable

        the Analrapist

    • Oh Shit

      Syracuse vs Penn State in the ToysRus Bowl

  • GuestMang


    • GeBee

      Not even close mate.

  • That guy...

    #6 "You might be a redneck if…"

  • This Guy...

    #7 "You might be a breadneck if…"

    • fed

      if you ride a breadcycle at the tour de baguette?

    • its_forge


  • That other guy...

    #15 "Hows my snail costume look?" …."Like shit…"

  • Do it.

    #23 Little lower please…

  • bob lee swagger

    Just when I start to think "people are awesome" I see posts like this and remember that the world is filled with idiots.

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