So about that Sexy Chivers… (7 Photos)

Once a year, the Chivers are allowed out in public for our annual Christmas undoing. Last night we went to IRIS, the spectacular Cirque du Soleil show at the Kodak Theatre.

At that time, I had every intention of bringing you a Sexy Chivers today but the wheels fell off that intention somewhere in ether of the evening. Ever have one of those nights when you tell yourself, 'alright, fuck it, I'm getting Christmas Uncle drunk tonight'?

So please accept my apology for all this, it's happened before and I can't promise it won't happen again. We're not the smartest lot over here. I'll make next week's Christmas SC one for the books, promise. Stay tuned for the Friday DAR, I'm sure you'll find some hi-res Chivettes in there somewhere.

Also, if anybody has seen Mac the Intern today, please return him promptly to his parent's basement.

Chive On,


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