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So about that Sexy Chivers… (7 Photos)

Once a year, the Chivers are allowed out in public for our annual Christmas undoing. Last night we went to IRIS, the spectacular Cirque du Soleil show at the Kodak Theatre.

At that time, I had every intention of bringing you a Sexy Chivers today but the wheels fell off that intention somewhere in ether of the evening. Ever have one of those nights when you tell yourself, 'alright, fuck it, I'm getting Christmas Uncle drunk tonight'?

So please accept my apology for all this, it's happened before and I can't promise it won't happen again. We're not the smartest lot over here. I'll make next week's Christmas SC one for the books, promise. Stay tuned for the Friday DAR, I'm sure you'll find some hi-res Chivettes in there somewhere.

Also, if anybody has seen Mac the Intern today, please return him promptly to his parent's basement.

Chive On,


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  • texaggie

    No worries dude! Everyone has that "Christmas Uncle Drunk" night. Thanks for keeping my work days short and entertaining!

  • sir tickle

    Pathetic! Im pissed! This is my life!!

  • aksands

    I'm confused. Where are the boobs??

    • etcrr

      in the pictures above

      • aksands

        I see what you did there.

  • nacirema

    Soooo………. you got wasted last night.

  • Gregatron

    #7 But I feel so warm and safe here… Right here.

  • Gee 2

    #4 Best Sexy Chiver ever! 😀

  • cincinatti o'gurk

    HAHA you guys drink like your Roughneck ironworkers getting off from a 10 hr shift or something you post pics of sexy chicks why do you need to celebrate so often?

  • Iam_Dave

    i call BULLSHIT.

  • Soccer-drinking

    Why so many haters?? If you just want to talk shit to all the people that make this site possible you are not a true chiver and don’t need to check this site. I love the chive for there great job they do and for all the real Chivers out there. Much love

    • sir tickle

      I was going to make a rude comment about us haters not being true chivers…but then I saw that u r a soccer player…fuck that..I am gonna be rude…WTF is a true chiver anyways…someone who says “Chive on”? I wear a chive shirt just so i can yell “Fuck you” to everyone that says chive on to me. Good day.

  • SquishyFlint

    Hahaha!! Best laugh I've had so far today. Murray Christmas Uncle Drunkenness, guys!

  • menace

    You live on the west coast, what's with the fucking scarves?!?

  • Clint

    Complete and utter bullshit – I'm never visiting this site again!

  • Clint

    Ok, I'm back.

  • Anonymous

    woop woop

  • slippery pete

    so because you got drunk last night it was too difficult to look at pictures people sent you? wow. weak

  • Nikkib

    #7 I love lamp.

  • tat2gaz

    one night of drunkenness doesn't spoil a life of awesomeness! CHIVE ON!

  • miiike

    LIKE I GIVE A FUCK!!!!!! ENJOY YOURSELFS!!!! HAHA but for real those seven pics and especially that gif were flippin HYSTERICAL!!!!!

  • fred

    Christmas uncle drunk – funny and that describes me last night

  • Linds

    #4 somebody PLEASE photoshop in a bearskin rug and a fireplace

  • joe

    #3 pass the blow this way man

  • nan

    mmmmm…….give me a number 4 to go please!
    yummy… ❤ inlove
    -a faithfull chivette

  • Jerry McSloppypants

    Hmm. Must be nice to have a job where you can get fucked up the night before your work day, post it and brag about it to the world the next day and not give a flying fuck about what it does to your customers.

  • GreenNinja77

    #6…..forever alone 😦

  • @KR_McLeod

    Totally made up for it all.

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