So about that Sexy Chivers… (7 Photos)

Once a year, the Chivers are allowed out in public for our annual Christmas undoing. Last night we went to IRIS, the spectacular Cirque du Soleil show at the Kodak Theatre.

At that time, I had every intention of bringing you a Sexy Chivers today but the wheels fell off that intention somewhere in ether of the evening. Ever have one of those nights when you tell yourself, 'alright, fuck it, I'm getting Christmas Uncle drunk tonight'?

So please accept my apology for all this, it's happened before and I can't promise it won't happen again. We're not the smartest lot over here. I'll make next week's Christmas SC one for the books, promise. Stay tuned for the Friday DAR, I'm sure you'll find some hi-res Chivettes in there somewhere.

Also, if anybody has seen Mac the Intern today, please return him promptly to his parent's basement.

Chive On,


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  • Shell3895

    Love it! Keep drinking!

  • moeshere Foxdale

    Yall fucking funny shit man…

  • Elle

    haha… I hope you guys redeem yourselves Monday morning when you're coherent enough to post anything

  • biosbh

    Good times are deserved by all !!!!!!!!!

  • Mike Soles

    #7 He 's not just saying it, I think he really does love lamp.

  • akabobo

    Drunk in car and no seat belts. Morons.

    • Mowwy

      Who wears seatbelts in a limo?? Sheesh

  • Noegod

    Holy Hell! I wish I could have been there with you! And don’t feel bad man, we all deserve to get trashed every now and again. Aspirin, water, sleep, in that order and we’ll see you monday buddy. Epic.

  • LMmm

    Dear Mac the Intern, you are my favorite.
    Sincerely yours, a sexy chivette.

  • mateo

    Seek treatment.

  • Johnny wtf

    tote ta lee dissapointed wat were use thinking

  • gdm426

    anyone else get the feeling the Chive brothers are blowing their Chive money on scarves & booze? i'm telling you if i wake up one day & find this place shut down i'm not going to be a happy camper

  • SJay

    Silly question but…where's Patty?

  • Anonymous

    You deserve to get christmas uncle drunk!

  • conserndguy

    vinegar strokes then this thread…forever lost,….she wernt whurth it anyhow, not when Ive got an audience…..thats exactly why staying in that dive is frown'd uponath……

    • conserndguy

      alright but she was taller and broader than me lol, i feel frail

  • It's420Somewhere

    Oh. So instead of chivettes we get a 7 pic douche gallery. okay.

  • Ash

    Cirque du Soleil. Sounds like a rockin party.

  • mkabbed

    Keep getting boners!

  • Steve

    Find #41 from 12/14/11 DAR!

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