• mbomb

    hehe, refs and coaches so nonchalant about breaking it up, I've never seen a brawl so easily dispersed.

  • clemgrad03

    Its all fun and games till a punch is thrown…then its just awesome!

  • jun

    Sports builds character. ha.

    • WTF

      Damn right it builds character!

  • Phred

    Chivers, this is not in Russia. This is in Kazakhstan. The text on the boards uses the cyrillic alphabet, but it is not Russian. It is Kazak.

  • ComeAtMeBro

    That's how you play some goddamn hockey!

  • Mik3y_G

    this is like a scene out of Slapshot! lmao

  • SpaceCowboy_

    :54 bottom left corner, "That one's for you dad!"

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  • theBing

    I think the cold does something funny to your brain

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