Daily Morning Awesomeness (25 Photos)

  • chuck

    if only all jobs offered this award

    • Darkside

      Lets go STEEL CITY!!!!!! Wouldnt expect anything less.

  • Peter

    Dear Chive – does it bother you that you make money from stealing pictures from 4Chan and Reddit?

    • Dumabass Redneck

      you get the dumbest question award

      • Smartass Redneck

        I was going to recommend that Peter stay at 4chan and reddit if he is so bothered about it.

    • Reddit Sucks Balls

      You think 4Chan and Reddit actually went out and took those pictures themselves? They got them from other places/ people. Now go back to 4Chan and cry like a little girl.

  • phydor

    #16 those are indeed awesome parents. and the kid is different, unless the vast majority of us are walking around with an insulin pump. what happens if he develops a peanut allergy?

  • Beng

    Loved the sneaky release of the KCCOs, hopefully mine'll get here before sunday.
    Chive On Ya'll

    • the other OTHER Jen

      fuck you.

  • Randyflagg

    #24 From Wikipedia:

    "He left the film industry in 1997, six years after the 1991 loss of his wife, Anne, to liver cancer. He later explained that he "pulled out of making movies in about '96 or '97. "I'm a single parent and I just found that it was too difficult to manage raising my kids and doing the traveling involved in making movies. So I took a little bit of a break. And the little bit of a break turned into a longer break, and then I found that I really didn't miss it""

    • amrith777

      Thanks for posting that.Nice to know someone in Hollywood maintains some human decent qualities.Or–in life in GENERAL…

  • Bubba

    #8 thumbs up for who was checking his monitor up-side-down. I was!

  • mooseknuckle907

    #25 that was impressive and sexy

  • guest

    14# He's so happy lol… i wonder what happened later on.

  • blurry00

    #3 Get the FUCK AWAY

  • Chimosteve

    #8 lol who else turned their head?

  • http://twitter.com/petes117 @petes117

    #13 Admiral Baby's arch nemesis, Colonel Toddler

  • NaTaS

    #16 That's very sweet. But why the barbed wire?

    • Dumabass Redneck

      he wants to remind himseelf how much pain it causes his son over a life time?

  • NitroX

    The next kid will be the only one of the familly without a (ugly) tatoo or insulin pump ?

  • Joe Bananas

    #8 2011 Olympic Boner Giving Gold Medalist

  • AnotherAnon

    No god damn it! It can't be over already! I need more time wasting pictures!

  • Anonymous

    #1: Chive, this needs some explaining… Your leaving us hanging

  • passwordistaco

    #1 Is WTF already but what's with the bunny/kangaroo statue?

    • Balloon Inception

      Maybe the pickup is a balloon? that's my only explanation

      • Craigery

        Ahh, so the pickup truck is A BALLOON. Well, that explains the bunny statue, then!

  • http://Www.soundcloud.com/bline B line

    #1 ….WTF

  • http://www.kongregate.com/ Gee 2

    #17 That is pretty sweet!
    #23 Well that is a Gehry for you.

    • ObviousTroll

      Daniel Libeskind designed the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal extension to the Royal Ontario Museum. He is also in charge of the rebuilding of the World Trade Center in New York City.

      • http://www.kongregate.com/ Gee 2

        Ah! Thank you for the information, I stand corrected. 🙂

  • Dapper_Dave

    #3 I think the guy in the lower left believes he can fly…..

    • Guy n Lower left

      Just flew in from Chicago and boy are my arms tired

  • Carb Jet

    SBR. Good call.


    • Ghost of Kim Jong Il

      All I see is two vases.

  • The_Stif

    #14 for an emotionless guy, he looks oddly happy here.

  • misschris


  • chiverMike

    stay just like that #8 and this will only hurt a little

  • Quisp

    #11 Marty Feldman's sister. People, stay away from the meth!

    • amrith777

      Good one!Great avatar,BTW!!

    • Craigery

      Marty Feldman had Graves disease. (Maybe this chick does too. Or maybe it's just the meth.)

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