Guess which cities have the most high-rises? (25 Photos)

  • ChiveonCaracas

    hey!!! I live in #05 Great!!! Chive On from Caracas!!!

  • ChiveonCaracas

    hey!!! I live in #5 Great!!! Chive On from Caracas!!!

  • http://thechive sleepy whezel

    There must be an echo

  • waffles and raspberries

    #14? Guess we used the same verification method as we do for their economic performance…their word? Where r the high-rises in this pic?

  • Arglefargle

    Well, that's about the most boring Chive post I've ever seen, but hey…props for not having stolen all of the content from Reddit.

  • Steve

    Find #41 from 12/14/11 DAR!

  • B line

    Pretty interesting chive……

  • przechuj



  • CalAb13

    Was kinda surprised @ #19

  • Kyle

    "Oh God its inhuman! Its like Hong Kong!"

  • Twisted_Sifter

    Not even a little credit or hat tip Bob? Come on man help us little guys out

  • M-C

    Seems a lot like this post from Nov. 22 –

  • Nutrod

    Whats the definition of high rise? 3 floors?

  • YeahYouHeardMe

    First high-rise (the Skyscrapers of the 1890s): England
    Highest Skyscraper: Dubai
    Most Skyscrapers in a city: China

    Yet more proof that America is indeed not the centre of the universe…

    • VanIsleChiver

      of course it isn't…Toronto is the centre of the universe

  • Anonymous

    How high is a high rise?

  • haaksik


  • blurry00

    #25 HONG KONG! Thumbs up if your a Chiver in Hong Kong

  • dan

    Man I guess South America id not fucking around

  • etcrr

    I knew NYC was high on the list as I have lived there and have visited many cities like chicago and LA. I was surprised to learn how many Brazil, Argentina and the Ukraine have. Good post

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