Kim Jong Il has passed, the war on staring at things is over (32 Photos)

via KimJonIlLookingAtThings.

  • Nick

    Long live south ikea lol

  • No You

    #9 #14 #27 still thinks he looks like an extremely ugly lesbian.

  • wkdfrog

    #6 So ladies, you like Korean Sausage eh?!

  • Anonymous

    #16 is an impostor because he’s smiling in that picture

  • spleendork

    "Well, they didn't call him Kim Jong-healthy."

  • boobies

    “If this cheese doesn’t taste right you all r going to the concentration camp!” LoL.

  • bud

    #21 anyone else see those paintings? i would consider it the best Christmas ever, if someone would be so inclined to drop one in my stocking.

  • king_Leonidas26

    #10 like a boss micromanaging.

  • waterloo cristeniumsteth

    #22 “This is what the rest of the world will shove up your ass if they get their hands on you”

  • Unfkngblvbl

    #12 that dude has a tiny head

  • GabeO

    Leader of a North Korea…….owns 3 sets of clothes…FAIL!

  • Mason420

    #19 "And as you can see from this x-ray, you have a buzz rightyear in your ass."

  • uh huh

    North IKEA ! Hahahahaha!

  • William Teach

    You'd think the leader of North Korea might have more than 1 winter coat, or at least get a new one every few years.

  • Ryan

    That bastard didn’t even stop when he hit the floor, he kept going straight to Hell. The North Koreans are probably losing their shit right now cause another one of their “gods” left them all.behind hHaha

  • Steve

    Find #41 from 12/14/11 DAR!

  • Alex

    #22 wow….so rrrrooong

  • CalAb13

    And not a moment too soon……

  • red_dawn19

    Raff out Raoud

  • Diehldo

    I bet North Korea is so ronrey now without him

  • Anonymous

    Poor north Ikea …..

  • Faust

    #6 , #16

    Oh rook, he is smiring.

  • SPZander

    #26 Snozzberries??!? Who ever heard of a snozzberry??!?

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  • Mando

    I guess he had a real big staring problem…

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