Kim Jong Il has passed, the war on staring at things is over (32 Photos)

via KimJonIlLookingAtThings.

  • shiniz

    its time for "kim jong eun staring at things" to begin

  • LOL

    as funny as this guy is! dont disrespect the dead by saying "rot in hell" and stuff like that…..

    • H

      Screw that dude. Anyone who is responsible for the death, mistreatment an starvation of millions does not deserve respect – whether dead or alive.

      I do, however, respect his 38 under par at Pyongyang golf course in 1994!

  • thrust parker

    Lol @ #15

  • K-Mac

    Hahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahhahahahha I definitely lol'ed at #22. Just a really good photo.

  • Mr. Scott

    #22 Hmmm… how many of these can I fit in my trunk?

  • Missoula

    #30 “OK,Kim, you’re 5’3″ and this tunnel is 16′. So ya, we could stack 3 of you and still have 3″ for your hair.”

  • Lawerence Fishcooked


  • cool cool

    he is starring because these are fucking pictures!…oh and also he is wearing glasses in most pics

  • JMD

    You gotta hand it to Kim Jong Il. He was the only world leader I'm aware of who could be mistaken for a homeless man without his entourage.

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