• IamAwesome

    That's snow joke

    • guest

      Skie never saw it coming

      • Thor

        Ice sure did

        • pete

          Must've been snow board whilst he was under there

          • Waylon

            Looks all white to me

            • davey

              I think it a flake!

              • guest


              • topher70

                But now that we know he's OK, we can all avalanche about it.

                • Drew

                  He is really lucky that somebody slalom fall

                  • phuphu

                    That was snow flake…jk

                    • Drew

                      I would of skied my pants

    • Kyle

      Your dead weight Larry…

  • etcrr

    thank god they found him, guy is lucky to be alive

    • Dr Hole

      forget god, thank his friends… nice job guys!

  • Jason

    never going near snow again

  • DaveK

    Dude was pretty lucky!!
    Summer FTW!!!

  • Swede

    Dudes comment at the end. Swedish translation: I hope Im filming this!

  • guest

    Did he died?

  • evadingnun

    I like to imagine that his camera wasn't head-mounted, but he was holding it the whole time and is a really dedicated cameraman

  • Da Sandman

    that's one lucky bastard

  • Travis

    Gave me chest pains to watch

    • TBT

      That was so incredibly uncomfortable to watch. I scrolled the comments during the middle of it. Having been a skier/snowboarder for over 20 years, I can relate to the panic you experience even if you're just stuck in a small tree well. This was really very hard to watch without suffocating myself.

  • Cal1

    Use a ski run

  • Bustanut

    He should have never been on that run to begin with, he was skiing like a first-timer noob

  • Catalystika

    Maybe they should've put it on 50x. That was a whole lot of nothing for the majority of the video.

  • Eddie

    Wow.. I was so stressed watching this thing =(

  • Kyle

    it was 20x for 1:52; that means he was trapped for 37 minutes… crazy, a lot of time to think about life and all the shit youre gonna miss out on if they dont get you out in time!

  • Chelsea

    can't tell if they rescued skier…or just the camera

  • heatandmotion

    Yeah, so I'm never skiing again…

  • Guesty

    This is why its an extreme sport always an element of death =) and thats the thrill

  • Damn!

    Damn nature, you scary!

  • Adam

    … Wondering if he knew he was going to trigger an avalanche after taking that line… normally those big ridges are avoided not run right over. Luckily he got out safe.

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  • guesterbate

    1:40…let me out let me out I can't breathe..

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