• Anonymous

    Badass but they should really stop holding hands

  • Anonymous

    Song title?

  • Anonymous

    Wingsuits are for execs.

  • Captlazarus

    I slid down 4 stairs in my socks this morning. Wingsuit, base jump, you both get an extra punch on your man card.

  • Nromas Irsnub

    Up next, parashoot are for pussies…

  • Brayden

    Want to do so bad…… but dont have the balls…. i would probably try and grab back at the cliff as i jumped off it….

  • Handholding Blackbelts

    These guys take male handholding to level 6. They should incorporate matrix style handholding in the next video.


    the 6 hour climb up wouldn't be worth the 30 second fall……just saying.

  • desti

    Hiking would be half the fun….ever climb a mountain? Its amazing…

  • Chris Ginga Morris

    That little thing called life I like to enjoy, these guys do it proper

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  • 2cool4skool

    I wonder if the giant balls make them fall faster…

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