• Anonymous

    I’m pooping.

  • N

    I was literally pooping when I started watching this and somehow shit myself!

  • Anonymous

    Phunkdified by Justin king. Kid does real good!!

  • skeletron

    most people are sheep! so what if the kid can copy 8 year old guitar songs that have tutorials on them…do people say that a mechanic is a prodigy or a genius because he went to school to learn how to be a mechanic? nope! the kid is very good at mimicking talent and to me that is not a talent. Antoine Dufour is talented, Andy Mckee is talented, Kaki King is talented, Erik Mongrain is super talented…this kid is just a copycat…

  • Outtie

    If you liked that you should like this

  • Anonymous

    Screw the depressed bastard from the last quote. The kid’s talented and should strongly consider replacing his metallic zipper for a velcro one when he reaches the age of consent. It would just be more polite for the young ladies eager to pay their respects.

  • Sluttypanda

    damn, demetri martin is talented

  • Dave

    Yes, talented. But more importantly…find the chick behind him! She’s hot!

  • Peacer

    To Skeletron:
    Hey douche!!! You’re jealous is all! Crawl back into your hole and copy something that well and then you can talk! Who gives a rats ass if it’s mimicking, he still has amazing talent and just has to find his own sound still! Everyone mimicks, it’s how you learn, and then you can progress in your own! BOOM, done!

  • kw1q51lv3r

    Find that guy because I want to take slap guitar lessons from him.

    Find that girl because I have an overwhelming urge to teach her how to properly coil cables. And make her practice coiling them until she coils them better than I do.

  • michaeldifede

    I think its the Kids Mom!

  • Chivette11

    Rodrigo y Gabriela. =] Look it up.

  • blurry00

    Off the Hook girl please! FIND HER!

  • yasureyoubetcha

    i bet she can play a pretty mean skin flute…

  • Ori

    Had to watch it twice
    one for the girl
    and one for the guitar

  • fibonacci5150

    he's here for the one they call Beiber

  • PianoFingers

    Downright AMAZING technique. But frankly – you wouldn't listen to this for long on the radio. One of my gurus said: "Music is not the sound in itself. Music is WHY it sounds as it sounds, when it sounds."

  • badu

    Do jaja , hehe

  • Potato Chips

    sounds kind of like Rodrigo y Gabriela….awesome talent

  • Crushum

    So have you found her yet?

  • Tangles_112

    That was absolutely CRAZY!! Props to the kid for his dedication and talent. Holy shit…i sent it to all my mates who play guitar to shatter their dreams 😛

  • indibulous

    You cut out the part where Bob Dylan comes on stage, thanks the kid for tuning his guitar, then proceeds to play G, C, and D all night long.

  • Wick3d

    while he is good, that style of playing has no real value. try finding people who can all play on that level and getting them in one place and then being able to back each other on they're various instruments, it's impossible. still however, i am impressed, the kid is good.

  • weekoldbeer

    Cool story, bra. Find her.

  • Paul

    Somewhat similar but the tuning in the middle of the strum is just magnificent!

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