Celebs in shows and movies you likely never knew about (23 Photos)

  • Strongasmeat

    #1 That was the only X-Files I can remember, discovered Giovani Ribisi and how great an actor he is.

    • amrith777

      I'm a huge X Files fan and this ep "D.P.O" is one of my faves with Giovanni Ribisi and Jack Black

  • Ethan Shuster

    Hmm…. somehow this all looks so familiar…

  • Robbio

    don't forget about Jeff Goldblum in Death Wish…nearly fell off my chair when I realized it was him!

  • Henry Gibson

    #21: I'll go you one better: George Clooney in Facts of Life. And he was supposed to be a regular in both shows but got cut halfway through each of his first seasons.

    I wonder whatever happened to him.

    • dcolbert

      Glad I read all the contents first before I made this comment.

  • Googoo

    #1 hmm I just recently saw this episode.

  • Allie H

    #11 and #21 How do people not know this?! Amazing.

  • Brian

    #17 Nick Cage was actually listed as Nicholas Coppolla in the credits

  • JDB

    I knew all of these, b/c I am the coolest…

  • NaTaS


  • Truth

    #1 Jack Black also played the bully in "Neverending Story 3"

  • Grifo

    Love this crap, more movie trivia! Thanks Chive!

  • Chris

    Hugh Laurie was also in Black Adder goes fourth.

  • Koo20

    You forgot a good one I noticed the other day. Cuba Gooding Jr. In Coming to America, no lines, he just sits in the barbers chair with a tight Afro.

  • Dalton


  • Alex

    Thats actually hugh laurie in Liar Liar, not friends

    • Slappy McGee


    • Craigery

      I'm pretty sure Jennifer Aniston wasn't in Liar Liar.

  • Fatboy

    Don't forget Lady Gaga the Sopranos. Third season, I think, there's an episode where AJ and friends trash the school swimming pool. She's one of the teenage girls cheering them on.

  • MarkFJ40

    I laughed watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation this weekend at Johnny Galecki from Big Bang Theory.

  • Blindsided5

    #19 he was more impressive in Six Feet Under.

  • Dave

    This was an awesome, mind blowing post. MOAR please!

  • Hank

    Actors in a movie? Nooooo.

  • Sol

    vin diesel in saving private ryan blew my mind.. lol

  • http://Www.soundcloud.com/bline B line

    Goo stuff chive 🙂

  • tvalora

    #15 I have a new respect for Tobey Maguire… The Wizard should be in every kid's TOP 10 movies from their childhood who were born in the 80's

  • http://twitter.com/Gingergreek @Gingergreek

    Great thread!! More please!!

  • YetAnotherGuest

    Steve Buscemi was not a "celeb in unknown role" in Pulp Fiction. It was a cameo appearance by an actor who appeared in the director's previous work—Mr. Pink in Reservoir Dogs. He may not have been a celebrity in 1994, but there were plenty of us who knew he was and recognized him in the role.

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