Found: The yellow bikini girl (9 Photos)

These photos were taken by the amazingly talented Russian artist Alexander Tikhomirov.

  • iambigd42


    #1 Holy mother of all that's wonderful in life!

    • TGIF

      It's Friday, Fuck This Shit!

    • BGO

      Yeah… so you found the pics and the photographer… but who is SHE???

      • mihaisuzuki


        Ahem…about that gym…adress!!!

  • JJ$

    Im going to russia for spring break!

    • therealguy

      there are THOUSANDS of hot russian girls in the u.s.

  • TheFlintSkinny

    #9 I wish she'd look at me like that.

  • cashmoney

    So the same guy who took the Union Jack undies girl photos. This guy is a source of inspiration and envy for Chivers across the world.

    Also, the new Batman is going to be EPIC.

    • RayBoogs

      I like you, you do good comments, both true and informative.

  • Hoss N Pfeffer

    Anyone else notice? Mind the Gap winner 2011

    <img src=""&gt;

  • dbolusaf

    Awesome photoshoot, the OP #5 has been in my background slide show for a minute. great job guys

  • Jimmy Clinton

    Long live the Ruched Back Pantie. All other styles bow before the.


    i don't give a crap who took the pictures man, all that matters is that is a really fine ass #9

  • AdamBaldick

    Oh Happy Day.

  • Taco_Depot

    Well, this has made my day.

  • Rick Allen

    #9 MEOW!!! Hump AND Gap?? Frontal pant overload…

    • None

      Also burned bra, but who's counting?

  • Zedhere

    Now I just need to find myself in these pictures.

  • Unfkngblvbl

    #9 TWINS?

    • The_Stif

      At this point, I am not all too sure that it matters. I will take whichever one you don't want.

    • GlibTongue

      Yes. Identical twin sisters.

  • DrLeppiwinks

    Im not sure how much talent it took to TAKE these pictures… but the talent IN the pictures sure makes them seem like some future Chive Pictures of the Week

  • ifuckinlovecigs

    Found: My new target

  • Hooka

    Skinny Crack Whore # 9001. Yuck!

    • Buford_Justice

      Get out of here

  • Nate Woodard

    Anyone else notice how the other hot chick in the black boy shorts is checking out the bikini girl in every picture?

  • Moots33


  • EmersonT503

    where do you train ? i can help with some light stretching !

  • Hooka

    Skinny crack whore #9001. Yuck.

    • homer

      There is a big difference between the "skinny crack whore" models who are emaciated, flabby, flat-assed and chested, and a completely spoiled bitch and this: A thin, athletic, healthy woman with subtle muscular curves.

  • Mikey

    I'm horny and I know it

    • Master_Rahl

      so, if you're horny and you know it… FAP your hands?

  • kore45

    Damn, 2 guys and a girl could hit that gap at the same time..

    • trustnoone

      I's vote for the other way around; two girls and a guy

  • Maverick


    Her friend in the black is no slouch either.

  • bebedeesteban

    the yellow one has weird eyes

    • BuckleUpSpanky

      I didnt even realize she had a head

  • Woody

    i like her #1

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