I miss college….(60 Photos)

  • Cali

    Finals are sooo tough??? Boo hooo. I wish that was my problem…

    • http://Na Bob santana

      Fuck u! U have other problems like your shower toy getting stuck up your ass hole. It would be nice if you had a little respect for all that hard working/partying college students you cock stain.

      • ColaChiver

        ^ so much for keeping calm …dude, seriously…calm the fuck down

  • LeoLoco99

    #20 awesome dragon ball z poster!!!

  • glulp-n-blow

    #27 and #32 are on Las Vegas blvd, WTF

  • Sandusky

    Watch your ass, boys

  • ROK247

    #41 UWRF = where Ugly Women Roam Free – just kidding it's fun there. you can learn to be a farmer – how awesome is that?

  • SMK!

    #59 proof that there is a god!

  • Hxcflaboy

    # 43

    Guitarist from Horse the Band?

  • zxcvbnnm

    #51 nice try, patch adams… but you've already used that one.. we all saw the movie

  • tora

    #21 #59 MOAR

  • Jason Dean

    #29 – FIND HER (Far Right!)

  • Anonymous

    People still play beer pong? Oh and using the word swag makes you a doucher.

  • An Actual student

    Um #17 is just the Upper Peninsula of Michigan…. Not a college lmao nice try though. Plus those people look at least 40+. bahahaha

  • Bored

    How much for the women? I want to buy them.

  • Longshot421

    #59 gorgeous! Find her!

  • Steve

    Find #41 from 12/14/11 DAR!

  • Dream_Weaver

    #3 #30
    I am so glad they said "THE" ohio state. I always get that confused with the other ohio states located in Venezuela, Kentucky, and Afghanistan.

  • Machew

    #59 MOAR! Hail State!

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    #9 "forever alone" #59 please post more!!

  • MoeReen

    #14 Go Vandals! Nice to see some fellow Chivettes out here

  • Anonymous

    How about everyone quits hating on each other for anything they can think of and have a merry christmas. Ah shit someone is gunna hate me for saying that

  • stevo


  • youbetcha

    #17 I'm from the yoop! and it's my Birthday! time to get drunk in Marquette!!

  • oilfieldbill

    #59 can b my 69!!!!

  • Allison

    #52 is awesome haha That is me and my girlfriends being photobombed by a keg stand about 5 years ago.. totally miss college (Michigan State University!)

  • girl

    anyone notice the poster of the naked girl in picture 1?

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