Your makeup is big fat liar (22 Photos)

  • Ron Burgandy

    It’s a sheman or a manshe

  • Bob H

    She could put makeup on with a trowel, I could drink 12 beers, and I still wouldn't touch that.

  • jonstotts

    She went from ugly to an anime cartoon…impressive?

  • tdr

    You lifted this off of Izismile how many days ago?

  • nouu

    why so many asian posts?

  • kw1q51lv3r

    As an asian I am deeply disturbed and disgusted.

  • isitchicken

    If I banged her with make up and woke up to her without I'd ask her what she did with the other bitch. Then I'd bang her again.

  • guesswho


  • Finnegan

    It’s the same girl and it’s not shopped. She just uses basic artist techniques to add shading and contrast to the right parts of her face to make her nose narrower and her chin look more pointed. This girl looks SE Asian possibly Thai and many of these girls are obsessed with looking like Japanese and S. Korean women this the gig round eyes and crazy makeup. They have makeup competitions in the mall in Thailand to create what you see in these pics.

  • http://theChive panchomagnifico

    I call BS. You can’t fake a jawline like that. Look at her chin.

  • NaTaS

    Don't mind the superglue or anything really. But Damn! Get the mole between the eyes taken care of for fucks sake.

  • sdc

    Definitely the same person.

    And to all the haters… shut up!

    She has a bit of a scour look in the first photo which exaggerates an unpleasant appearance. Blemishes aside, a smile *always* makes a world of difference.

    My wife takes about two hours to get ready, yet she is absolutely adorable (and hot as hell) without makeup (in fact, I prefer her non-makeup look). But she believes that she can't be seen in public without makeup (actually, she isn't that bad any more… my influence I think). Being a female is bad enough, my wife being Asian makes the need for makeup even greater, and that she is Korean, puts her at the pinnacle of this 'silly' cosmetics obsession.

    I showed her this entry and she absolutely identified with each step. It was cute to watch her interest in this and listen to her commentary. Trying to turn her into a chivette but no luck thus far. 😦

  • Donna

    Makeup does wonders. I just wonder what this woman would do when it rains…wear that face mask that Asian women seem to love wearing?

  • !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E!


  • Kwaker76

    It's so cool the way she made her chin and jawline a different shape…….no wait. What?!!!

  • KejiDog

    Fugly with or without makeup!!!!

  • Rebecca Pierce

    Look at the sides of her chin. It looks like she used a slightly darker contouring powder to create the illusion of a pointier chin. You can see the blush continuing down the sides of her face. It's the same person, makeup is magic.

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  • matt

    Did no one notice her hair is a different color in the “finished product” photo. Totally fake and shopped

  • Jamie Walton

    I take it most of you are men because a LOT of bitches are ugly… makeup does wonders!!! lol This girl isn't that bad she just isn't smiling and the camera is right up in her instead of a zoom and the second with the makeup is done in the right angle with the right camera and light etc. In my opinion this is the same girl in both photos.

  • Jamie Walton

    Something else I noticed is that her finger nail's are the same all the way through And if you look close into her eyes the reflection is basically the same all the way through.

  • Zn311092

    If you want to know if they are the same person just go to youtube then click search for Power Of make up she has her clip uploaded there! Watch it and find out!

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