• pjsupremex

    This is THE greatest video i have ever watched.

    • jag

      I'm a 34 year old military man and it took me 5 mil to stop tearing up.

    • Eh.

      where da tits at??? amiright?

      • Eh.

        what?? it's not my fault the chives mixing some ooy gooy video in between my sfw soft porn pic. i want chivette tits & ass to fap fap fap fap fap spunked.

        • Fuk you Eh

          You sir are fail if you can't see the greatness of this video, maybe you should try and get a girlfriend to help you out with your fapping problem or are you just that pathetic to where you have to resort to fapping to the Chivettes, whom many of which are sexy,. Your still pathetic

    • http://www.thechive.com SmokeyMorgan

      Agreed. Made my day.

    • xspader

      I hope the person who invented this technology get the highest accolade possible. That is some life changing shit.

  • ros


    • OpMongoose

      Soooo cool!! There's something in my eye though, I think it came from the air in the office. So cute

  • ros

    and merry christmas!

  • Gemineye

    that is so priceless 🙂

  • MylesofStyles

    If this doesn't make you smile, you have evil in you.

    • Ouchmaker

      Must be evil then. And I'm not crying, I just have something in my eye, like a branch or something.

  • http://twitter.com/erinwillett @erinwillett

    Oh my goodness. So amazing! 🙂

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      We 'heard' you the first time dear.


      • ShakeyTheMoyle

        Lol….was thinking the same thing. She didn't get any response the first time though so…..:S

        • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

          Sigh, Chivettes aren't treated like they should be anymore…


    • jamesb1990

      Yes it really is. 🙂

  • Bezaile

    Why is she not crying?

    • CaptainStag

      Right at the start of the video the doctor says "it's coming back on." Presumably that means that while the implant might be new, it's not the first time the baby's heard her. But yeah I agree it would be pretty odd if she weren't overwhelmed the first time.

      • Wicked

        ^^ Fun Sponge

    • http://twitter.com/KR_McLeod @KR_McLeod

      "It's coming back on" was probably the cue for Dad to make sure he was recording… they were probably both holding him and broke down for a little bit when they first tried it out. Once everyone calmed down, they recorded. I know that if this were one of my children, I'd have one hell of a time not crying from their first reaction.

  • jbone

    simply amazing!

    • P90

      The amazing thing was that he wasn't shocked or disoriented by the sound.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeana.royer Jeana Royer

    This gave me goose bumps! How amazing!

  • Daddy

    Your child can hear you for the first time and all you can say is hi!? How about an ‘I love you’.

    • Sid

      Yes, judge people. ass clown.

    • thedude


    • Ned Ryerson

      You have to be a special kind of fuckwad to troll on a post like this. Go away and don't come back

    • Paul

      Wow,and here I thought I was a prick…

    • pkinwa

      WTF…"daddy" obviously didn't love you. Jump off a bridge dick.

      • Groggy

        Bridge dicks are terrifying.

    • thomas

      dude grow up. she just spent about 2500 bucks so he could hear. i'm pretty sure she loves him.

  • mith

    That is awesome.

  • YoshiiCapone

    I’m usually not one for fooling with the balance of things or mother nature…but I have to say that brought a tear to my soul…it was beautiful

    • Kellen

      Fooling with the balance of mother nature? So … back to Spartan exposure? Any baby born with any defect, no point in fixing them, leave them out in the wild?

      People who claim we're diverting the path of nature are idiots, we ARE nature, everything we do is a product of nature. I'm not advocating foolish non-sustainable consumption of resources, but nature gave us the tools to cure the ailments nature dealt us, there's nothing unnatural about cochlear implants or stem cell research. Nature gave us the problem, and a brain to create the solution, it would be unnatural if we didn't solve them.

      • JDB

        Thank you for you comment I agree with you totally.

      • ThatGuy

        The 'balance of nature' is a purely fictional product of human narrative making. Its a non equalibrium system.

  • Captlazarus

    Thanks, now I'm all bitch misty eyed at work.

  • YoSaphBridge

    Damn, where did all this dust and the breeze come from… tissues…

  • kodakkid

    Great now i need to explain how I got somthing in both eyes.

  • Irishstephen

    Absolutely incredible – the look on his face is simply beautiful!!

  • SlimtwigMJ

    So cool. Love seein' these stories.

  • _Moose_

    That tugged at the heartstrings. So precious and wonderful.

  • Oblivious

    Why did he say "call it a late Christmas present"? It's December 21st!

    • None

      The chive is no exactly the carrier of late breaking news… This is almost a year old, doesn't make it any less touching

    • Captain Obvious

      Obviously an older video. Not everything is uploaded the day after it's recorded…..

    • Gunpe

      It was uploaded June 2010

    • Paul

      Actually its from April 2008 on YOUTUBE

  • Benninj

    Spreading things like this is what makes the Chive the best site in the world. Truly awesome.

  • Yea Yea

    Cool Story Bro…!

    I'm serious that is amazing. Made my day!

  • the_mike

    Thanks Chive, my contacts were getting dry, this was exactly what I needed!

  • Chris McRae


  • Will

    Merry Christmas Jonathan and family.
    If that smile doesn't make your day, there's a problem with you. Priceless moment they'll never forget.

  • OhOkayThen

    Was having a crappy day at work, walking around all frowny, and this made me grin. Still smiling. Thanks!

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