A few more pressing first world problems (15 Photos)

  • Kitten

    #11 was probably more the magazine's fault than Selana's. She probably just told them about a relatively low-income childhood, and they spun it into a "rise from extreme poverty" rags to riches story.

  • Bree

    Two things: I sort of get te pony because they are expensive but she looks like a typical snobby rich white girl so that's probably not why. But with Selena growing poor isn't what I call 'first world problem' knowing that I have to buy food from the dollar store to live is sad to me. I'm not humorless either I just don't find those very first world

  • Ed Jones

    #3. #15. I completely understand #3. It's like staring at an accident or eating peanuts. One just can't stop, For #15. Seriously needs "Clap on, Clap off."

  • Morgan

    "poverty" … no. Try low income. Chill out.

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