Awkward dads on vacation (29 Photos)

Check out more awkward dads on vacation here.

  • skuz

    this is probably one the the greatest posts ever i laughed so hard, jean shorts and white tennis shoes its every middle aged man, i love my dad to death but he'd fit into this category so well, dads are awesome shout out to every dad out there you guys all rock!

  • BatDoc

    Hmmm, just like the college posts, except without all the beer cans.

  • Musje83

    Is the average dad in America really this old? I've noticed before but this sort of confirms it… Or do you Americans age faster?

  • Muffin

    Nailed it.

  • Furdurp

    Shitfuck I miss my dad. These dudes rock.

  • Riley

    #23 Bryan Head, Utah

  • Erik D

    Hey I've been to number one

  • NaTaS

    Sooooo once you start wearing the flower shirts…you've given up on life?

  • Rikster81

    Shit I don’t see nothing wrong with 22

  • dalexmu

    #22 is just awesome!

  • Chris Masingo

    Lost my dad on December 1st. This made me laugh. Thanks Chive.

  • fffff

    Hahaha I have many a photo that fit into this category my dad is extremely awkward but glad it caused me to grow up and not give a shit about looking awkward

  • @jennytroy1

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    • Vegas

      Really?? What??

  • mmme


  • ziba30

    more like awesome dads on vacation…hahaha

  • Phil Neal

    I dont see a problem with any of those – oh I see…..

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  • TheWorthing

    #1 HAHAHA I walked past those every week for 8 months when I worked on board a cruise ship. In Cozumel, just off the docks to the left when you walk off the Puerta Maya Pier. Laughed at every sucker who stepped into 'em

  • Guest

    I feel like some of these could make it on the "Soooo… You got wasted" post

  • Bexter

    Idk why but I lol’ed Soooo hard!!!

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