Daily Afternoon Randomness (44 Photos)

  • Wommy

    #1 Any one else from Fort Wayne? I know of a couple chivers here that want to meet up. Maybe we can get John to show up.

  • Trainer

    #31 is fantastic. we need MOAR. #36 to bad for him, good for us. and #44 Thanks for the present.

  • Luca_Bratski

    #36 yes, please, moar.

  • b_ho

    Christmas Gap; what a f'n concept! more please

  • mikeraw

    #36 To the ex-BF: Hope you don't let that AW bother you. The Chive is notorious for pandering to white knights.

    "No matter how hot she is, someone, somewhere, is sick of her sh*t"

  • DB3



  • AmericoPolk

    #36 niiiiiiice

  • Ripper

    #28 Fuck off Miss Daisy! To the blackmobileee

  • Captain Obvious

    #36 Sounds more like a rebounding Chivette…

  • Auz_E

    #13 Made me yawn for some reason…

  • fede

    #31 mother of sideboobs!

  • chiverMike

    Whoever let #36 go is an idiot.

  • Roland

    #36 December 8th was my birthday ;} follow your heart always ❤

  • Bob

    #26…Most over rated movie I have ever seen. Sorry, I know it has Mr. Murray in it, but honestly, think about it, he should have passed on this one.
    #31…Oh, I just want to do so many sexual things to this woman.

  • justin smith, yes halyburton, that et3 smith

    I know the two navy girls kissing. Lived in the same barracks with them back in 2010 in great lakes. Hung out with the one on the left a couple times. You can watch the vid on YouTube. It’s crazy that out of all the ppl who could’ve gotten the first same sex kiss, I just happen to know them.

  • Rick

    #12 Jimminy Christmas MOAR!!!!!

  • Idiocracy


    Wait, huh? Why are they calling a little girl a whore?

  • Eric

    Please find #31

  • Dave

    Now that #36 is single lets get more pics of her. Definite hottie.

  • Sid

    99% sure I know who #28 is and his clothing is the least ridiculous thing about him. It’s fantastic.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lookitsdandrew Daniel Richards

    #11, Brittany where is your sense of humour?

  • steven

    #36 nor-cal chivette? i would love to buy her a drink

  • Sean B


    ok no cream

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  • Dustin_B3

    If you've ever had to help her up/ put her back in bed, You'd understand.

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