Everything on the internet is true (24 photos)

  • hollynova

    @13 for those of you thinking this origin isn’t true it actually kinda is except that they did it to show you were already someones boytoy

  • A BiPolar Buy

    #6 somebody really thinks we danced that way in 1970?. Maybe at the prom because the chaperones made us. Silly internet – too young to know we "old people" were just the same way back when.

  • Chris Thomas

    #21 Fine, Mexico! You can have Texas back, but only if you promise to keep Rick Perry and the Dallas Cowboys.
    We're keeping everything else, though. Deal with it.

  • etcrr

    11 artists = hipsters? but explain to me why there are no rich hipsters

  • TimmyJim


  • https://www.facebook.com/paul.e.baylor Paul E. Baylor
  • Bob

    #13 is an urban legend. Do some research

  • Sam

    Bob is right, it actually began because giving a prisoner a belt was also giving them the opportunity to hang themselves.

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