For some reason gingerbread houses make me happy — don’t ask (30 Photos)

  • Dan

    How many hours go into these? #24 and #25 seem like they'd take forever.

  • etcrr

    #21 #22 they have too much time on their hands and it just makes me hungry

  • Joey

    #1 #14 #22 All are the same house located in the Grand Floridan at Walt Disney World

    • Maurice Alvarado

      Yup they said that it took the engineers 2 days to build the framework and 2 days to put all of the icing and gingerbread on the frame. They started baking in August to make all of the gingerbread for construction!

  • Bill

    #26 lol gingerbread minas tirith

  • 3MC

    #30 As far as favorite gingerbread houses go, this one's [up] there. 😉

  • MattKL

    #20 So wrong, but I laughed anyway.

    • MRPOOP


  • lascarletcat

    If you brought my classmates along to that place, the house would disappear in less than 3 seconds. Greedy pigs, they are. Not one that's not obese.

  • cubssuck

    #20 is f#@$ing is hilarious. Very OG (original gingerbread).

  • Mikey D

    CHIVE can we do a Ginger bread house after party? I want to see these as they are being eaten!!!!!



  • cubanitagirl

    lmao @ #20_
    is #30 the house from the movie UP?

  • Armedand Dangerous

    #21 Largest gingerbread house, Mall of America, 2006. I know the guy that built it. From Memphis.

  • Rusty

    "Turns out, I cannot make a gingerbread house. Which would bother me if I were an 8 year old girl."
    -Ron Swanson

  • NaTaS

    worst part is you can't even eat most of these because they're glued together.

    • 123asd

      become a hamster or rat

    • Underbaker

      Most food artist use Royal Icing for their glue making them edible. (traded my life in for Married with Children, I watch a lot of Food Network stuff).

  • the professor

    #20 nailed it !

  • Tom

    You know what makes me happy? Hump day pics!!!!!!!

  • Commando00

    #14 for the WIN!!

    Still laughing at #20

    • Underbaker

      Is that Hansel and Gretel's house, now that they baked the Witch?

  • mcs

    me gusta.

  • Stormtrooper

    #10 is the only one that matters…all rest are invalid bc of this one.

  • James699

    I have to be the one? #24 FE FI FO FUM, HA!

  • Gingerlover

    I can't believe you did a GINGERbread post without a single sexy ginger to be seen! Please add one more pic!

  • Steve

    Find #41 from 12/14/11 DAR!

  • Ira

    Gingerbread houses are really fascinating. #30 is really cute.Looks like the one from the UP movie.

  • kryvian

    so hungry.

  • Emt not ambulance driver

    Not one single fuck was given

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