• Meh

    I was very excited, then at 13 seconds in it all went sour.

  • TheFlintSkinny

    Out of curiosity, what's the rational behind not using the YouTube embed? It's not at risk of being taken down since the creators are the one who posted it on YouTube.

    Regardless…I'm going to need to get a hot tub.

  • SuperSoldier

    Reminds me of Mary from Christmas Vacation. Very sexy as always.

  • Donkeypuncha


  • Anonymous

    Melanie Iglesias rip off. I love shay but this sucked. And that bikini looked awful on her.

  • Its just me

    Waste if time. booh!

  • Shit video

    Shit stop motion gave me a headache shit shit shit

  • bubba

    Her top is on upside down
    Makes her tits look all jacked up

  • Bustanut

    Boring stop-action, clay-mation bullshit.

    Alec is a douchebag, and Shay is hyped.

  • Qwerty

    Her tattoo is hideous.

    • Toille

      Must be a women^

  • Anonymous

    Wow what is with everyone hating her wtf!? Dude she looked awesome go her and so did the video F__K you haters

  • digideth

    lame! don't bother pressing play

    • DerJöe

      and you Sir love men

  • dragos

    she is super cute.. too bad she is dumb enough to get that back tattoo.

  • poo pee

    just a cunt showing off the only talent she has…taking off her top.

  • Adam

    What a talent to have.

  • Jay

    This is why i love Chive

  • Brad

    What's the title of that song?

    • Doc

      Got ya covered, bro.
      Antonio Giacca and JJ Flores -We Can Make It Last (feat. Luna)

      • Brad

        You're awesome, man. Thanks!

  • Malv

    Shay, you look beautiful.
    Please ignore the trolls.

  • Underbaker

    I like a pretty girl as much as the next guy, but where is the "How to" part?

  • Josh Tetford

    She is hot

  • Anonymous

    I like Melanie Iglesias and the girl that was putting the her jeans better.

  • D_drogo

    Merry Christmas to the GROUND @ 0:12

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  • RBB

    ehh…pancakes aren't my flavor =/ but still a pretty girl.

  • misschris

    I ❤ Shay! You've got a gorgeous face darlin!

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