The Brits got it right when they made Melissa Clarke (21 Photos)

I’ll be honest, this was less of a gallery and more of an invitation to Google the shit out of her. Melissa is a real spark plug.

  • Its just me

    #11 because the toilet was taken and #16 what shit is she listening to while taken a shit?

  • ALC

    You’re so fucken gorgeous !! 😉

  • Doctor_What

    This girl is mind-blowingly hot. Geez, I need to redefine my ideals…

  • DarkPrince

    #17 a young Charlize Theron. Too gorgeous.

  • Noegod

    Her thigh tattoo, if she knows the name of the artist that did the original piece, she’ll earn my respect and eternal devotion. (the same goes for any of you)

  • Anonymous

    Hottest woman on the chive in sometime.

  • Akljp

    #8 I’ve got the most awkward boner right now…

  • unclenic

    Yeah im pretty much in love

  • Carlos

    She is fucking perfect.

  • rmt


    Def looks like she’s taking a dump in her sink.

  • ryan

    Shes a suicide girl, so enjoy some even better pics
    your welcome

  • Joe

    #8 scared me, but #17 made it all better.

  • Scott

    She's the kind of girl who could poop in your kitchen sink, while making eye contact with you, and you'd still want to have sex with her afterwards.

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  • Kate

    #1 Awww Mel from SG…she's so beautiful.

  • Beldar

    I prefer the blonde in #6. Who is she?

    • chicago

      yep, same here

  • ausguy

    shes gorgeous! dayum!

  • S13nobling

    Wow!! she's legit… i like me some melissa clarke

  • PoppaFlax

    SO worth the Google, DAMN!!!

  • chicago

    I liked #5 then I saw #18. Not to shabby Brit at all.

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  • Anonymous

    Give us some HQ/HD images of Melissa!

  • Anonymous

    #8 holy shit would love to be that saddle

  • D

    Blond girl is Hannah Martin.

  • purvieWRX

    #3 #16 HQ please?

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