These Russian women have a very specific ideal man in mind. Are you him? (10 photos)

  • Cecil

    Given the attitudes of modern women, I am totally down with each and every one of them dying with cobwebs up in there.

  • you are right

    #9 looks like her…

  • guest

    Also, 5 girls to every 1 guy. Also, 50 girls to every 10 guys.

  • Slaught357

    #2 is Tim Tebow and #3 is the wrestler Buff Bagwell

  • June

    i need to visit russia soon

  • Trig

    Just goes to show chicks go for the butch version of themselves. Thats how self obsesed they are.

  • Steve

    Find #41 from 12/14/11 DAR!

  • Waty

    Number #1 is Chipper Jones.

  • Jonas

    thirth is Edward Norton but a bit fat. Maybe in semi-hulk.

  • Michael Lynn Ganong Jr

    Im definitely number 5. And shes hot. I dont always spike my hair though, hope shes cool with that, or she can pay for my gel, its expensive lol.

  • David Garrison

    The whole premise of this post is BS. Several of these women are wearing wedding rings, and I am thinking that the physical resemblance between them and their "ideal man" is not coincidental. The men are their relatives: brothers, sons, etc. Notice how none of them are smiling? This is probably some sort of public service campaign showcasing the relatives of people lost to violence or something.

  • polychonopolous

    i honestly look like number 5 … hahahha without the crappy stash….

  • Vinchenzo

    Number one is chipper jones

  • GFY84

    Strangely enough only one out of ten Russian women are actually attractive based on these broads!

  • http://what james

    Seriously, anyone know what this page is all about?? What’s stated can’t be true, can it? These women had a sketch artist draw what they claim is their ideal look for their man, and then held up the drawings in random, mostly outdoor places? This makes not sense, no? Yes?

  • guest

    #7 is dane cook

  • katie

    Yeah…I was totally thinking number 7 was Dane Cook.

  • ajax max

    They’re all whiteys… not one brother. Ain’t that some sh*t?!

  • big red

    #1 and #8 both hot all others not too flash

  • Bustanut

    I would fck #1 until I broke my dick in her ass.

    The rest of these broads? ….. I’d put back in the potato field pulling a plow.

  • Pistola

    thank fuck i'm not one.

  • Mido

    Thank God I'm not one of them !

  • manchakattack

    Is it just me, or do a lot of these photos strangely resemble the women holding them?

  • Inbred

    #1 is hot and I think that #8 is laura vandervoort

  • Anonymous

    #1 find her

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