Daily Morning Awesomeness (37 Photos)

  • James699

    #1 FINALLY those stupid boots make since! ladies please stop wearing them in the summer you look retarded!
    #6 where are his teeth? and Kindergarten Cop is the best quotable Ahnold movie ever!
    #20 this must be one of the photos that were left off of the credits in the Hangover
    #25 looks like the kid from Mad Max, with the boomerang!

  • Jimmy

    #7 – Great to see that Ralphie never shot his eye out.
    #23 – Nice way to spend the day with your kid. M-o-o-o-o-o-o, have another beer.

  • josh

    #23- she probably got so high she forgot she even had a kid

  • SvenS

    #17 welcome to Croatia, here's your 10 000 gallons of water. because f*** you, that's why.

  • Tim

    #27 – Fail #1, condiment for blood.
    Fail #2, the knife is turned around backwards with the sharp edge away from the arm.

  • dano

    #14 If youre gonna walk on ice, ya might as well dance, cocksucker

  • Anonymous

    #27 should actually cut wrists

  • Compound9

    #27. first off your going the wrong direction, up and down not side to side. Second the obvious catchup bottle. Third the blade is face up. The most hardcore thing this kid will ever do is suck at everything.

  • jimstarswagg

    haha The only thing that came to mind for #30


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