Friday Dopamine Dump (35 photos)

  • NYC

    11 find herrrrr

  • Anonymous

    #22 And they say public schools are failing our youth.

  • Loud@theClouds

    Damn who’s that chick on #11?

  • Loud@theClouds

    And #32 you’ll shoot you eye out

  • bubba_earl

    #32 It's all about product placement.

    • todrunk2

      Just scanned your QR, chive on you classy son of bitch

  • aksands

    #29 RIP Mitch. "A duck loves bread but it does not have the capability to buy a loaf. That's the biggest joke on the duck ever. If I worked at a convenience store and a duck walked in and grabbed a loaf of bread with his beak….I would let him go."

  • rikooprate

    #20 Wish I'd been smart enough to pull off something like that, and #21 "You won't believe this shit!!!"

  • Wesley Perry


    Come on, i couldn't of been the only one that had this issue

    • Stick

      On top of that, you better hope you're not an nonathletic white.

    • agnot clifton

      first world problems, son.

  • Beckk

    #18. Good to see Mexico’s air force is comming along nicely

  • Jimbob Jones

    There's just so much right with #11

  • Rip The Jacker

    #22 straight gangsta

    • back in black

      You spelled ghetto wrong

  • *dash*

    #22 hmmmm couldn't pass 6th grade? I wounder why?

    • Nelson

      You said "wounder"

  • TheDog59

    #10 His blue period.

    • etcrr

      nothing wrong with that, blue is my favorite color

    • MonkeyMadness

      Lucky bastard.

    • agnot clifton

      looks more like is boob period… see what i… oh nevermind.

  • @superstistics

    #22 I have a strong suspicion this clown will end up in the penitentiary. But I could be wrong.

  • Anonymous

    #22 – I can’t blame the kid, he say she had that ass and tet tets… AND she’s crippin’! Damn.

  • Anonymous

    #24 gif is crap. You can see the guy under the table “wake up” pause then hit his head. Come on. Little effort please.

  • whackbatmedia

    #24 gif is crap. You can see the guy under the table "wake up" pause then hit his head. Come on. Little effort please.

  • angelcurry1077

    #6…training for circ de solei with homoerotic yoga?
    Followed by (#7) a giant water toy I’m pretty sure I’ve seen in miniature form in an adult merc. store…Gettin’ kinda racey in here, lol

  • thedude325

    #15 Now that's gangsta…

  • Anonymous

    #11 is sara varone

  • Anonymous

    #10 can I have a job?

  • J.Kennedy

    Greatly unhappy to see #18. Very Sad!

    • peta


      • Grunt

        I hate cruelty to dumb animals but I would make an exception and kick ten shades of shit out of PETA

  • Redynz

    #25 Hmm, I live down the street from North Pole Alaska. There's no airport there…

  • Bman

    #29!!! Mitch hepberg!! Most randomly funny standup!

  • Anonymous

    29 Long live Mitch!!

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