There are Christmas Chivers Among Us (120 Photos)

Many thanks to all our Christmas Chivettes for sharing their sexy Christmas spirit with all of us. A personal thanks to all of our amazing Chivettes who submitted this year. You've sent a message to the world that Real is the new Beautiful.

I've received personal notes from so many people ranging from girls with eating disorders we've helped to Hollywood producers thanking theCHIVE and the Chivettes for leading the charge for healthy real women and sex-positive feminism. Give yourselves a pat on your sexy backs, the world is taking note.

As always, submit your photos here.

Finally, stay tuned today. We have something special in store for y'all and I think you're gonna' like it.

Chive On,


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  • Eric

    #54 MOAR!

  • Rick

    #54 #61 MOAR!

  • Rick

    #55 MOAR too xD

  • AlOfCanada

    Semper Fi #117!

  • oplock

    #8, WA chivettes hold a special place in my heart

  • Brian J Simms

    All I want for Christmas is #87 !!!!

  • doctorgonzomd

    Well done! Thanks Chive!

  • Ganj guy

    #114 is the sexiest girl ever. She can be my queen of everything! Even MOAR please!

  • Jeremy

    #27 – Sharing only has one… Ah who the hell am I kidding? You’re hot, spell it however you want…

  • Carlo

    #37 You are such a sexy woman, I want to take you in my arms and use your sexy little body for my selfish desires

  • Britt

    #10 WAR EAGLE!

  • SoopDoog

    #8, #61, #98. Holy shit fuck!!! Find them! Find them all!!!!

  • ChopZilla

    #8 I think I’m in love

  • treX

    #74 yeah Minneapolis!!

  • Your mom

    #73 is THE BEST holy shit shes perfect!

  • Anon

    #40! Well done!

  • Napoleon

    #35 and #120 I love you

  • Jay

    Ladies. I'm an ass man. And as much as I love a nice round bubble butt. There's something you need to do when you take a pic of your posterior. It's not so much the butt, it's it relationship to the thighs, waist, etc. The whole package is what makes it a great butt. You can't see that from many of these. Some are beauties. And I thank you for sending in your pics for the Chivers. But, please. Don't skimp on the scope of your pics because you're either trying to hide your identity, etc. And profile pics that show how far your butt actually sticks out can be an amazing thing.

    • ben


  • Joel Ogden

    #8 if u like artists and sushi, I’ll drive to Washington from Florida for the opportunity to take you out. Gorgeous smile!

  • Anonymous

    You have to love freckles on a pretty girl…

  • @tebowsuks

    #116 amazing, how could anyone be mean

  • Anonymous

    It is amazing how skanky girls will git!

  • Anonymous

    5 marry me plz

  • RettB

    #21, partying harder than you since 1885… Go Devils!

  • Anonymous

    5 your smile will stay with me till the day I die.

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